Award Winning DeSoto Artist Finds New Medium

Desoto artist finds new medium

Sue Ellen Kreidler-Jones, an award-winning DeSoto artist whose work with beads and animal skulls has been exhibited across the country, has found a new creative outlet. The artist used the Covid-19 enforced “time-out” quarantine to perfect her new medium, working with layered glass in her studio.

“I’m glad we had the space for an art studio on our property,” she said. “I am so lucky to be able to walk out to my studio to create but also to meditate,” she said. “Working on my art is very healing.”

Desoto artist finds new medium
Sue Ellen Kreidler-Jones

Sue Ellen Kreidler-Jones

Kreidler-Jones grew up in McAllen in the Rio Grande Valley, and spent her summers exploring the back roads of Texas Hill Country and searching for artifacts of lost civilizations in Mexico with her mother. She uses unique beadwork to recreate these legends from ancient times through designs on skulls, rattles, and boxes. Her colorful work has been exhibited in galleries across Texas, and won several ribbons at the State Fair of Texas.

Layered Glass Process

After retiring from a career in the hospitality industry, the DeSoto artist and longtime DeSoto resident is able to spend more time in her studio. She is concentrating her artistic energies now on an innovative process called layered glass. The process produces results that are similar to stained glass, but is not as dangerous or time consuming.

DeSoto artist finds new medium


“It’s also not as hard on my hands,” Kreidler-Jones says. “I cut myself badly when I first started experimenting with stained glass. When I saw a layered glass piece done by my niece, I decided to try that process instead; and so far I’ve been really pleased with the results. My friends and customers are also happy with the effect, and several of them have custom-ordered layered-glass designs from me.”

DeSoto Artist Studio

Kreidler-Jones and her husband, Mike Jones—a retired Fort Worth Star-Telegram sportswriter—have lived in DeSoto more than 43 years. The art studio is located on their 2 ½ acre property at 1800 Old Hickory Trail, open by appointment only.DeSoto artist finds new medium

Prices for the custom-designed layered glass mosaics start at $450, depending on size of the panel or window. Special details such as beads, jewelry, or antique glass are an additional cost. Smaller mosaic frames are priced from $30 to $60, depending on size and with no layers or additional detailing. For inquiries about purchasing Kreidler-Jones’ custom-designed art, please call or text the artist at 469-222-5904. She can also be reached at They are happy to ship the artwork to any destination in the U.S.