“American Mariachi,” DTC’s Live Production Releases Online

American Mariachi releases digital version
Photo by Karen Almond

“American Mariachi,” Dallas Theater Center’s premiere production, moves to a digital release after live performances were cancelled. DTC produced a digital Broadway-quality experience of the final dress rehearsal  of the show. Producers used up to four high-res cameras and state-of-the-art sound.

Pay-what-you-can, starting at $15, for a link and password to access the recording. You will receive a link within 24 hours, and have up to two weeks to watch the video. The video sales continue up to the original close date of April 5; and the video is deleted on April 19. The number of videos for sale is the same as the number of seats available throughout the run.

DTC Artistic Director Kevin Moriarity said, “On behalf of everyone at Dallas Theater Center, I am excited that this production of “American Mariachi,” never performed for a live audience, will be seen by audiences at home. Bringing people together through art is an important part of healing. We hope that some of the heart and soul of that live experience will come through your screen and provide you with a moment of joy.

Though we are deeply saddened by having to cancel our live productions in March and April, our entire staff is hard at work preparing for the future. We know that when the Coronavirus crisis is over, our city will be eager to come together in shared celebrations of our common humanity. We are eager to welcome the return of communal life when that day comes, with theater being at the heart of our shared experience.”

Plot Synopsis

Lucha yearns to break her monotonous routine, caring for her ailing mother. Her wild idea: an all-girl mariachi band! But it’s the 1970s, and girls can’t be mariachis… or can they? As Lucha and her spunky cousin hunt for bandmates and dodge disapproving relatives, they wonder if the band will come together. A heartwarming and hilarious comedy about family, progress and the freedom to dream big, “American Mariachi” sends your heart soaring and puts a bounce in your step with its infectious, live music.

American Mariachi releases online
Photo: Karen Almond

Director Henry Godinez said, “One central theme of American Mariachi that I think is so important for our society today is the empowerment of young women, the idea that women are not beholden to traditions that are exclusionary. Though the play is set in the 1970s, the need for young women to be reminded that they can do anything men can do is badly needed in our country today. The second thing the play addresses so beautifully is the issue of mental illness in our communities and the love, understanding, and forgiveness it demands of family.”

“American Mariachi” Cast

The cast of American Mariachi includes Diane and Hal Brierley Resident Acting Company members Tiffany Solano DeSena as Lucha Morales and Christopher Llewyn Ramirez as Mateo. Ricardo Gutierrez, Gloria Vivica Benavides, Gigi Cervantes, Lucy Godínez, Satya Chavez, Molly Hernȧndez, and Bobby Plasencia are also featured. Musicians include band members from Mariachi Imperial De Dallas, TX. Cristian Najera plays trumpet, and Alvaro Moreno and Maria Sandoval-Moreno play violin. Pedro Moreno plays the guitarrón, and Gustavo Sánchez plays vihuela.

Godinez said, “People in Dallas can expect to laugh, cry and sing the music all the way home. And perhaps they will see themselves, their families and communities represented on stage in a heartbreaking, honest and uplifting way.”

Cynthia Reifler Flores is Music director and original music arranger. Linda Buchanan is set designer, and Danielle Nieves designed costumes. Ray Nardelli is sound director, María-Cristina Fusté is light designer, and Jason Hayes designed wigs. Ray Alva and Ben Zeman digitally curated the content for “American Mariachi.”