What Is Gray Death Heroin? Extremely Toxic If Touched

gray death heroin
Gray death heroin recovered by St. Mary's Parish Sheriff Photo provided by St. Mary's Parish Sheriff's Office

Gray Death Heroin Is Extremely Potent & Should NOT Be Touched

Recently a potent narcotic known as gray death heroin was recovered in St. Mary’s Parish, Louisiana. This one is so potent, law enforcement is warning the public not to touch it. We learned about gray death heroin when the Ovilla Police Department posted a warning on their facebook page.

In an effort to learn more and inform our readers we reached out to the St. Mary’s Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. Although it’s believed to have previously been found in Louisiana, St. Mary’s says “this is a bit of a rare find for us.”

According to David Spencer, PIO for St. Mary’s Parish Sheriff’s Office, “We advised the public not to touch this drug, due to the fentanyl that is present in it. Now, whether it would cause death through the skin is not proven and through our research the authorities are split on it. Still, we wear gloves when we handle ANY illegal drug just as a precaution.”

Gray heroin drug paraphernalia
Gray heroin and drug paraphernalia recovered by St. Mary’s Parish Sheriff’s Office Photo provided by St. Mary’s Parish Sheriff’s Office

10,000 Times More Potent Than Morphine

Continuing our research on this substance, we visited Drugs.com. Here’s some of what they say about the drug:

Avoid contact with bare skin. Because furanyl fentanyl and U-47700 are lethal at very low doses, law enforcement, health care providers, and the public should use extreme caution when handling these drugs. Gray death powder can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and can be extremely toxic, even in the smallest quantities, and rapidly lead to fatal respiratory depression.

Gray death heroin, according to authorities, looks like “small chunks of concrete”. St. Mary’s Parish Sheriff’s Office says, “It is reported to have a potency 10,000 times greater than morphine. The unidentified superdrug began to surface in the south in Alabama and Georgia. A minuscule amount of this drug can kill.”

Focus Daily News reached out to some of our local police departments for comment.

“We are not aware of this or have a problem with this at this time.” Sam Urbanski, Chief of Police, Lancaster Police Department

“We have not encountered this type of heroin in our community.” V. E. Dooley, Chief of Police, Glenn Heights

“I have not seen it nor heard of it until I read the article.” Brian Windham, chief of Police, Ovilla Police Department

While we don’t currently have any reports of gray death heroin surfacing in our area, it’s important to be informed about its appearance and the danger it poses. Law enforcement officials in Houston say it’s already present there and believes it may be being produced locally.