VA Adds Telehealth To Medical Arsenal

VA Telehealth
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VA Taking Extra COVID-19 Precautions To Protect Vets

The Veterans Administration is ahead of the curve when it comes to treating people during this outbreak of the Coronavirus-Covid-19. This became evident to me when I called about an upcoming appointment at the VA this past Monday. I was concerned that I would come in contact with far too many people during my visit for a regular checkup and renewal of prescriptions.

They responded that it was wonderful that I had called. There is a new procedure in place where I can complete my doctors visit with virtual care from the comfort of my own home. The answer is an app on your smartphone, laptop or computer called “VA Video Connect.”
Virtual care is personalized and I was told I can have a visit with my own doctor through a video conference with her. All veterans who qualify to receive VA care and live in the United States re eligible for virtual care.

It’s impossible to argue that staying at home for your doctor’s visit isn’t safer and more convenient than going to a crowded hospital or clinic when you have a cold, the flu, or any other illness. Anyone who has been to the Dallas VA knows that finding a parking space is akin to a real miracle. When I go to the VA, I always tell my wife that I will be home late in the day because things always seem to run behind schedule and a good book is a must while you are in the waiting room.

Even more important than the time, is preventing the veteran from exposing themself from others who might have the flu or some other viral illness. It is not only safer for the veteran, but also for their family, especially now with Covid-19 spreading so easily and rapidly.

Setting up my appointment was quick and easy. One phone call with my doctor’s receptionist and I was able to get the app, install it on my phone, and be completely ready for my personal doctors visit. The number to the Dallas VA Hospital is 800-849-3597. The app is quick and easy to add and it will save lots of time unless lab work or other special procedures need to be done.

From The VA- COVID-19 Precautions

Any Veteran with symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath should immediately contact their local VA facility. VA urges Veterans to call before visiting – you can find contact information for your closest VA facility.

Alternatively, Veterans can sign into My HealtheVet to send a secure message to VA or use telehealth options to explain their condition and receive a prompt diagnosis.

Upon arriving at VA, all patients will be screened for flu-like symptoms before they enter in order to protect other patients and staff. A VA health care professional will assist you with next steps once this screening process is complete.

At this time, VA is urging all visitors who do not feel well to please postpone their visits to VA facilities.