Thirty-six year Lancaster employee, Paul Hardy, recognized at Dallas Commissioners Court

guy on construction site wearing hard hat and vest
Paul Hardy photo courtesy City of Lancaster

LANCASTER – Paul Hardy will be celebrating his 36th year with the City of Lancaster next month.

He has also lived in the city of Lancaster for the past 36 years  [he is from a small town in East Texas originally].

Hardy began working with the City of Lancaster in the water department as a laborer repairing water and sewer mains. He worked for the water department for 15 years on call 24/7. The rest is history as he moved up in his career taking the job of Senior Construction Inspector where he has spent the past 21 years.

In his current job Hardy explained that once the contractor installs the sewer line, water line, and storm line, the Construction Inspector then arrives to inspect the lines to make sure the lines follow the City of Lancaster’s general designs and standards.

“Faithful Valued Partner”

Due to his longevity and dedication to the city, the Dallas Commissioners Court noted Hardy’s service and recognized him in February calling him a “faithful valued partner.”

The Dallas County Commissioners Court briefing read regarding Hardy “The Dallas County Commissioners Court takes special notice and acknowledges where an individual and their employer have contributed and provided exceptional service to Dallas County and its project partners under the Major Capital Improvement Program (MCIP).”

He was recognized as a 2022 Special Projects Award, Dallas County Inland Port recipient.

“Paul was instrumental in the oversight of the Inland Port projects including Pleasant Run Road, Wintergreen Road, Houston School Road, and Sunrise Road as well as other projects in District 3,” the briefing acknowledged with the motion for the briefing made by District 3 County Commissioner John Wiley Price.

Before being the city’s Construction Inspector Hardy worked 365 days a year, on call and he said he was ready for a change when the opportunity to take his current job came open.

And, while he did not attend school for the job, he said he has learned everything he knows on the job over the years and he has either repaired or installed almost every street in the City of Lancaster.

A Job He Loves, A City That Loves Him

“I like building things from the ground up and seeing the final product,” Hardy explained. “Always have pride in what I you do. I have pride in what I do, and I expect the same from my contractors.”

Hardy said he has stayed in this job for the long haul because he really likes what he does.

It’s clear the city likes him too and Lancaster City Manager Opal Mauldin-Jones concluded “Paul’s P.R.I.D.E (Productivity. Resourcefulness. Integrity. Dedication. Excellence) in serving the community in which he lives is world-class. His 36 years of service with excellence exemplify the dedication and commitment that our residents and developers have come to expect. He has set the standard that we desire for all employees to exhibit.”