A Mini Firepit, Solo Stove Mesa Is The Right Size For A Table

Almost two years ago we discovered Solo Stove firepits and from our first burn we were hooked on their easy to use, efficient firepits that produce much less smoke than traditional firepits. No matter the season we enjoy sitting around our Solo Stove, watching the flames, roasting marshmallows or just enjoying the outdoors.

But then summer 2022 arrived in Texas with a fiery vengeance of days upon days of triple degree temps, humidity and burn bans. Spending time outdoors was like climbing into an oven. We stared at the weather forecasts waiting for days when the temps would drop below 90 so we could enjoy an evening burn from a distance of course.

This week Solo Stove launched a new product, the Mesa, a tabletop firepit available in six color options. They sent us a Mesa to test run, and once again we’re able to sit ‘fireside’ and enjoy the efficiency of Solo Stove’s burn in a much smaller footprint. It has been the perfect tableside companion.

We can sit outside on our patio and have a quick woodburning fire, roast marshmallows and talk about our day. Or, we can place it on a table down by the pool and burn some Juniper to keep the pesky mosquitoes from interrupting our nighttime swim. Thanks to the included stand we’re able to use it on our glass table, our Polywood table, or even on the flagstone by the hot tub.

So far we’ve only used the mini oakwood from Solo as a fuel source, but the Mesa also comes with a pellet adapter. The dual fuel option is great, especially for anyone that doesn’t want to cut their wood into small pieces. Once our fire was burning good, we also used some twigs to keep it going. And make no mistake, despite it’s small size, it can put out some heat.

Mesa firepit on table with famil around it
Photo courtesy Solo Stove

Product Specs:

Materials – Stainless steel; Colored version has a high-heat ceramic coating


  • 6.8” tall (with the stand) and 5.1” wide


  •  1.4 lbs


  • Mesa Fire Pit + Stand that folds into the fire pit when not in use
  • Pellet Adapter so you can burn pellets or your favorite hardwood
  • Nylon Carry Bag makes carrying all of the components easy so you can have a tabletop
    fire anywhere
Mesa firepits in six colors
Photos courtesy Solo Stove

We’re already planning to use our Mesa on Halloween to offer S’mores as bonus treats and keep us warm if there’s any chill in the air. And, I’m hoping it makes an appearance at a tailgating party this football season. The Stainless Steel Mesa is available on Solo Stove’s website for- $89.99 and the Colored Mesa is – $99.99.

Solo Stove Mesa in Mulberry
Photo by Kristin Barclay

By the way, the outside of the firepit is hot to the touch during and shortly after a burn so please use caution when handling it. When cleaning the outside of the ceramic colored Mesa, a damp microfiber cloth is perfect for getting any dirt or ash off the surface. For adding wood we used metal tongs used for an ice bucket. We used half of our Solo Stove roasting stick when roasting marshmallows, but are hoping Solo introduces some accessories made for the Mesa.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a bigger firepit for your patio, check out the Ranger, our favorite the Bonfire or the gigantic Yukon. We frequently sit on the pool deck with a roaring fire in our Bonfire, enjoying an evening burn. You can save $50 off your purchase of $200 or more with this link: http://rwrd.io/znc3xlm?c.

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