Gift Guide For Men: What To Get The Guy In Your Life For Christmas

bacon cooking on griddl
Photo credit Joey Taylor

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. We sometime receive products to try and if we like them, we often recommend them. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, may earn a small commission for me.

Chances are high that when you ask the guy in your life, “what do you want for Christmas?” they give a shrug and maybe mumble “whatever.” And, no matter where you do your shopping, no one carries a whatever. Which means it’s up to you to translate “whatever” and come up with the perfect gift, maybe something he never even thought to request! No worries, we created our Holiday Gift Guide for Men to help make things easier for you.

Solo Stove Firepit & Cooktops

bacon cooking on griddl
Photo credit Joey Taylor

One of our favorite gifts is great for the guy in your life, but also something everyone can enjoy, a Solo Stove firepit! We love these for so many reasons- they are portable and can be used when traveling, tailgating, at the in-laws, campsite, etc. Plus, take your cooking by the fire to the next level with their new cooktops like the cast iron griddle and wok! Fry up the bacon outside, sizzle the fajitas while the sun goes down, or make stir fry under the stars.

We’re also super stoked that Solo Stove is based in Texas, so your purchase supports a local company. We use ours year round to roast hot dogs, make s’mores, for extra warmth or just to add atmosphere while enjoying the Texas weather. Last year we started our Solo Stove firepit journey with a Ranger model and now we’ve moved up to the Bonfire. If you’re trying to decide between the two, the Bonfire is our favorite! It’s sized “just right” for warmth, atmosphere and portability.


Dallas Cowboys blanket
Photo credit Rumpl

Is your guy into being outdoors no matter the temperature? He’ll sit through any outdoor sporting event no matter how cold, rainy, etc. Maybe he likes to hunt or take the kids camping when the weather cools down. It sounds like he’d enjoy a Rumpl blanket. Rumpl recently introduced their NFL blankets for the sports fan in your life.

guy holding a rumpl blanket

We like these because they’re packable and are perfect for keeping in the car, taking into the stadium, using on the patio or anywhere its cold. Made using Post-Consumer Recycled polyester shell and insulation, they have a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment to keep you dry.

Poncho Outdoors

Alright, we’ll admit gifting clothing can be tricky. Some guys just wear whatever is hanging in their closet, while others are incredibly specific about the style, fit and brand. Poncho Outdoors makes shirts made for the outdoors. So, if your guy prefers to be outside fishing, kayaking, hiking or just exploring, take a look at these shirts from Poncho.

guy wearing flannel shirt leaning on jeep
My husband modeling a Poncho flannel shirt

Soft, durable and made with attention to detail these shirts have features your guy will appreciate. The first thing my hubby said when trying on the flannel shirt they sent us: “wow this is really soft.” They include: built-in stretch, easy-open magnetic pockets, built-in lens cloth and a large, hidden zippered pocket on chest. My husband insists his shirts have pockets, and he’s always looking for something to clean his sunglasses with, so we love the features on the Poncho shirts. Their flannel shirt is so soft, I love the way it feels.

Bourbon Goods Gift Box

assorted bourbon products
Photo credit Bourbon Outfitter Facebook

I love the idea of subscription boxes and the bourbon goods gift box from Bourbon Outfitters is pretty cool. You can choose a one month plan, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Each Bourbon Goods kit will include: A bourbon apparel item: like a hat or t-shirt (S – 3XL)

  • A barware item: like a set of Glencairns, rocks glasses, or cocktail syrup
  • A small bourbon accessory, like a small package of bourbon balls or a tin of bourbon barrel smoked sea salt!
  • They ship boxes between the 1st-3rd of every month and US orders ship free!

If you’re looking for a good bottle of whiskey to gift him, check out our Whiskey Gift Guide.

Hey Dude Shoes

My husband is not a shoe fanatic by any means, but is always looking for a comfortable pair of shoes he can slip on to go check the mail or just go outside for a bit. Hey Dude shoes are comfortable, easy to wear and most importantly, very easy to clean. While you can machine wash them according to Hey Dude Website, we just wipe ours down with a damp cloth and hose off the outside. Shoes are made from recycled products and are lightweight. They offer a wide variety of colors and styles, making it easy to own multiple pairs. I often “borrow” them when running out to the car because they’re so easy to slip on and off.

Personalized Travel Map

mountains made from maps artwork
Photo credit Beaver Prints on Etsy

Last year for our anniversary I gave my husband a personalized travel map from Beaver Prints on Etsy. Not only did he love it, our kids were impressed and friends and family have asked where they can get one as well. Personal gifts are the best and this gift allows you to support a small business.

I chose Beaver Prints because I liked the vintage maps they use and they allow unlimited revisions. Their customer service was great and I was able to get the map in under a week, just in time for our anniversary. This would also make a good gift for family, etc.




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