Saying Goodbye To Mayor McCowan-Funeral Procession Route

Map of funeral route Mayor McCowan

DeSoto Welcomes Public To Say Goodbye To Mayor McCowan on Friday

The City of DeSoto has been working with the family of Mayor Curtistene S. McCowan and area public safety officials to establish a safe and highly visible route where the public can gather to say goodbye to our beloved mayor as her funeral procession passes by during the early afternoon on Friday, November 6th. The Mayor’s funeral will begin at 11:00 AM at the Kirkwood Temple CME Church in Dallas and her procession is expected to begin approximately 1-2 hours later.

The Mayor’s funeral will be private due to space limitations at her church and COVID-19 precautions, however, the processional route will offer residents an abundance of locations where they can gather to pay their final respects. DeSoto Communications will be in constant contact with the procession and will announce the movement of the procession via its Facebook and Twitter platforms: and

Specific details of the route are provided below along with a map showing the starting point at her church in Dallas, key locations in the Mayor’s life along the route, and its end and her final earthly resting place at the Holy Redeemer Cemetery by DeSoto’s border with Glenn Heights.

We ask the following of those who intend to pay respects to the Mayor along Friday’s route. There will be ample room for people to gather so please avoid clustering together. Please take precautions against COVID-19 by wearing a mask and keeping a safe social distance of 6 feet. We recommend that you are in place in advance of the procession since rolling safety closures in intersections along the route could inhibit your ability to move about. And, as mentioned previously, you can view ongoing reports on the location of the procession via smartphones or devices that will allow you to monitor our Facebook and Twitter platforms. Finally, Mayor McCowan’s favorite color was red, so please wear all the red that you can.


  • Exit west side of Kirkwood Temple CME Church parking lot onto northbound 67 service road
  • Go Northbound on service road merging onto Loop 12/Ledbetter Rd (right) for a short distance
  • Take the Cedar Falls Drive (right) over to Polk St
  • South on Polk Street all the way to East Pleasant Run Road
  • Right (west) on Pleasant Run Road to Hampton Road, slowing down as motorcade passes City Hall at DeSoto Town Center.
  • Left (south) on Hampton Road to Bear Creek Road
  • Right (west) on Bear Creek Road to Majestic Meadow Dr (right/north) passing Curtistene S. McCowan Middle School
  • Right (east) on Wynnewood Drive back to South Westmoreland Road
  • Left on South Westmoreland Road to Holy Redeemer Cemetery at 1500 S. Westmoreland Road