ROISD Board Blesses Changes To Student Dress Menu

Red Oak ISD dress menu

RED OAK, TX — The Red Oak ISD School Board heard and approved recommendations for changes to the current student dress options at the May 18 Board Meeting during the Superintendent’s Report.

The Dress Menu, implemented in 2006-07, to give the district a positive and distinctive identity, and reflect the values of the schools and community. The guidelines state, “Dress and grooming standards should promote at atmosphere that is comfortable but not too casual, free from disruption, easily self-monitored so standards are met prior to the student coming to school.” It should also be easily enforced so as to not take away from instruction.

The changes are in addition to current guidelines of top and bottom choices. Clothing must be solid with no stripes, checks, lettering, wording, or designs. Also, no changes were made to hair or piercings, outerwear, or shoes – still closed-toed, closed-heel only.


  • Students will be allowed to wear solid t-shirts in maroon, white, or gray; t-shirts cannot have logos, emblems, graphics, or designs.
  • Spirit shirts will continue to be allowed in maroon, white, and gray. Shirts must have Red Oak ISD logos, RO, Hawks, or artwork intended to promote school spirit. Or they must endorse an official school group or organization.


  • Students will be allowed to wear denim (jeans) in blue, black, or khaki; no frays or holes; no oversized or baggy clothing or clothing which exposes undergarments will be allowed.

This expansion allows for an additional top selection. The change is less expensive than the collared polo shirts, and the denim/jeans option for all students.

“We heard from our students across the district and our Community Advisory Council that these minor additions will have a huge impact,” stated Superintendent Brenda Sanford. “Our high schoolers, especially our seniors, advocated for their younger peers, stating ‘Even though we won’t get the benefit, we want those coming back next fall to enjoy these options.’ I’ve been impressed by the maturity of our students to articulate not just what they desire but why – from easing the cost on their parents to being able to express their individuality.”

With the approval, the changes will be in effect when students return for the fall semester.