RFP Construction of Auger Water Treatment Project 291



The Midlothian Development Authority, on behalf of the City of Midlothian, Texas (“Owner”) is requesting Proposals for the construction of the following Project:
Auger Water Treatment Plant and Joe Pool Raw Water Pump Station Electrical Upgrades
City Project Number 291

The Project includes the following Work:
Auger Water Treatment Plant Electrical Upgrades include a new electrical equipment building, a new generator, and relocation of an existing generator.
Joe Pool Raw Water Pump Station Upgrades include a new electrical building, new generator, site grading, pump and motor replacements, pump train replacement, and interior demolition of the existing electrical equipment in the pump room.
The estimated Bbudget for the Project is $19 million . The calendar days for substantial and final completion are outlined in the following table.
Facility Part 1 Part 2
Completion Final
Completion Substantial
Completion Final
Auger N/A 1,036 1,360
Joe Pool RWPS 896 915 1,036 1,360

Part 1: Pump replacement and all work excluding the generator and communication/control between the generator and associated ATS/ATO. Auger ATS’ and Joe Pool switchgear will be in-use for normal/utility power for Part 1.

Part 2: All work associated with the generator and communication between generator and ATS/ATO.

Obtaining Proposal Documents
Proposal Documents for the Project, including, but not limited to, the Instructions to Offerors, can be downloaded at the following website:
http://construction.freese.com and https://www.civcastusa.com/
Prospective Offerors must register with this either or both of the above websites as a plan holder, even if the Contract Documents are obtained from a plan room or from another source. All official notifications, addenda, and other documents will be offered only through this the above websites. See the Instructions to Offerors included in the Proposal Contract Documents for responsibilities and limitation for use of Procurement Documents and for the instructions for submission of Proposals.

Contract Documents may be downloaded or viewed free of charge at this the above websites. It is the dDownloader’s are solely responsibleility to for determininge that a complete set of documents, as defined in the Agreement, are received. Printed copies of the Contract Documents may be purchased at the each website for the cost of printing. The cost for printed Contract Documents is not refundable.

Pre-proposal Conference
A non-mandatory Pre-proposal conference will be held on Wednesday, July 17, 2024th at 10:00 A.M. CDT at the following location:
Auger Water Treatment Plant
1717 Auger Road
Midlothian, TX 76065

Visits to the Site
A tour of the Project Sites will be held following the pre-proposal conference.

Instructions to Offerors
Sealed Proposals must be delivered to the Owner at the address below no later than 11:00 a.m., CDT, on Tuesday, August 6, 2024th at 11 A.M. to be accepted. Proposals will be publicly opened, and the names of the Offerors and the amount of their proposed Contact Price will be read aloud at this time and place. Proposals received after this time will not be accepted. Address Proposals to the Owner as follows:
City Council Chambers, City Hall, City of Midlothian
Attn: Nery Pena, Purchasing Agent
104 West Avenue E
Midlothian, Texas 76065

See the Section 00 21 13 “Instructions to Offerors” included in the Proposal Documents for detailed requirements for preparing and submitting a Proposal, proposal evaluation and award of the Contract.

Evaluation of Proposals
Selection of the Contractor will be made using a competitive sealed proposal process in accordance with Laws and Regulations. The selection criteria for this Project includes the following:

Rating Category Description Weighting Value in Points
A Proposed Contract Price and Contract Times 50
B Contractor’s approach to the Project 10
C Experience / past performance of Offeror 20
D Experience and qualifications of proposed key personnel 20
Total 100

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