Rep. Carl Sherman Distributes Masks in Ferris

Carl Sherman with Ferris Police Chief
State Rep. Carl Sherman distributed masks in District 109's Ferris last week.

Rep. Sherman Distributes Masks To First Responders

FERRIS –  The City of Ferris police and fire departments were gifted with two boxes of face masks last week. State Representative (D–109) Carl Sherman has been handing out masks to cities in his district making sure first responders and those on the front line stay healthy.

“Last week I visited Ferris and had the opportunity to distribute 100 face masks to the Police and Fire Departments there,” Rep. Sherman said. “Having the chance to distribute these masks to our cities first responders during this most challenging time is very important and a reminder that this pandemic is far from over but can be fought with success together.”

The masks were left for the patrol officers to wear during shifts to help minimize any risks during contact with the public, Ferris Police Chief Jon DeLeon said.

In June, Rep. Sherman distributed face masks in District 109 with a focus on nursing and rehabilitation centers, senior living facilities, as well as school and church meal drive events.

“We are all really concerned about making sure that our citizens have what they need in order to stay safe,” Rep Sherman said. “It is so important that we remember the people on the front lines during this worldwide pandemic. The doctors and nurses and the workers who have been risking their lives for our cities and this country to be able to re-open safely.”

The masks Rep. Sherman has been providing around his district are part of a delivery of masks from China. Texas State Representative Gene Wu (District-137) worked with Sherman to make the masks distribution a reality.

There were 6000 masks in total for distribution by Sherman, Wu and additional State Representatives in nearby districts.

“The police department is very grateful for the donation and thank Representative Sherman,” Ferris Chief DeLeon concluded.