Refrigerator With Marijuana Found On I-45 Part of Capital Murder Investigation

Refrigerator on highway
Refrigerator on highway Photo credit Ferris Police Department

Refrigerator On Southbound I-45 Linked To Capital Murder

FERRIS – The refrigerator/freezer found last Wednesday, December 2 in the middle lane of I-45 heading southbound at around 9 p.m. full of marijuana was linked Monday night to a homicide in the City of Dallas.

Ferris police were the first on the scene when the department received reports a lone freezer had been lost from a vehicle.

According to Ferris City Manager Brooks Williams, the refrigerator had about 15 pounds of marijuana inside when it was found on the highway in Ferris.

“People heard the City of Ferris was having trouble with potholes,” Williams said jokingly. “So, someone left the refrigerator to try and help.”

When the Ferris Police Department posted about the discovery on their Facebook page, PSA from Officer Banks and K9 Fuse:

Marijuana in refrigerator
Marijuana in refrigerator Photo credit Ferris Police Department

“Someone dropped their refrigerator loaded with marijuana on S/B Interstate 45. To whomever lost their valuables, please come claim it at the Ferris PD and we will be more than happy to assist you.” With almost 300 comments, they range from jokes about the “quality” of the weed, to suggesting the owners should have bought shipping insurance. Someone said their husband had driven past it and said it was crazy how he’d almost hit a freezer on the way home.

Both the Wilmer Police Department and the Dallas County Sheriff’s office were on the scene to clean up what was described on the police report as “debris in the road.”

Later, Williams said the city had been notified the stocked refrigerator was connected to a capital murder in Dallas County.

“Further details regarding the capital murder are unavailable at this time due to the investigation being ongoing,” Williams said.

Ferris Police Chief John DeLeon add to that stating “No names or details were given. DPD detectives spoke with K9 Officer Banks and wanted to know how he came across the refrigerator/marijuana. That is the only information I have.”

The Dallas Police Department were unable to comment on the refrigerator and how it might be tied to a homicide.

“It is certainly sad to learn that someone lost their life, over some ‘backyard boogie,’ that was then lost on the interstate,” Williams concluded. “It is an absolutely foolish reason to take a person’s life and clearly shows the disregard for human life, on the part of the perpetrator(s). This is a tragic development and we here at Ferris extend our condolences to the family of the victim,” Williams concluded.