Profile: Lancaster Mayor Clyde C. Hairston   

Clyde C. Hairston headshot

Focus Daily News: What elected official seat do you sit in for the City of Lancaster?

Clyde Hairston: I sit in the seat of Mayor of Lancaster.


FDN: How long have you sat in this seat?

CH: I have been in the seat for three years and nine months.


FDN: What is your main goal as the Mayor of the City of Lancaster during this term?

CH: My goal is to continue to work with City Council and staff to make Lancaster a great City to live, work, and play in for all.


FDN: What made you decide to get into politics?

CH: I saw a need to get involved in my community. I also saw a need to be a part of the process and not the problem.


FDN: What have been some of the surprises you have experienced?

CH: When I first got into politics, I did not know the magnitude of what it takes to implement change in the community; however, over the years it has been a rewarding process to experience.


FDN: What have been your challenges during your time as mayor?

CH: One of the challenges has been people not understanding the process of local government.


FDN: Where do you see the city going in the next few years and how will you contribute to that?

CH: I see the City of Lancaster as being one of the best in the North Texas region, and I believe a strong City Council and staff will make that happen.