Ocean Vodka, A Must Add To Your Home Bar

ocean vodka bottle on beach
Photo courtesy Ocean Organic Vodka

Add A Little Hawaii To Your Bar With Ocean Organic Vodka

Several years ago, when we bought our home, I immediately called dibs on the formal dining room for my home bar. I had visions of a bar top table in the corner, a dartboard on the wall, a TV and of course the centerpiece a well-stocked bar for entertaining friends and neighbors.

I love having premium spirits displayed to share with friends. And while I keep popular brands on hand, my favorites to share include spirits like Ocean Organic Vodka. Everything about Ocean Organic Vodka, from the ocean water it’s made with to the beautiful, unique bottle with the Hawaiian Islands embossed on it is a conversation starter.

glass vintage fishing floats
Antique glassy vintage fishing net floats made of glass. Courtesy photo

The bottle’s custom design is inspired by the old glass fishing net float, first used by the Norwegians in the mid 1800’s. The neck of the bottle is angled to mimic that of the earth’s axis and the glass is weighted. When your bottle is empty there are unlimited creative ways to repurpose it for display. Oh, and they also offer a super cute 50ml bottle perfect for bridal showers, parties and re-purposing. I could see one being made as a Christmas ornament or you could use them as lights.

A Passion For Producing Premium Spirits

Recently I had the opportunity to have lunch with Ocean Organic vodka’s founder, Shay Smith. The Maui native has a passion for producing premium spirits, ocean conversation and making a product that’s as memorable as a conversation with him.

I sampled the vodka straight and the smoothness reminded me of the premium vodkas I tasted while visiting Russia several years ago. Shay says using the ocean water, they remove all the salt and minerals, with the end result making their vodka more sweet than acidic. Ocean organic vodka is the only distillery using the ocean water. This water is drawn from 3,000 feet below the Kona coast and gives the vodka a soft, velvety finish. Instead of potatoes, grain or corn, Ocean vodka is made with organic sugar grown on their 80-acre organic farm. Produced using column distilling, Master Distiller Bill Scott is able to purify the vodka removing any impurities which would influence the flavor.

My Tasting Impressions

Following a few sips of straight Ocean vodka, I ordered a cocktail known as the “Screw-diver” featured at the restaurant where we met. Orange juice mixed with pineapple juice and starring Ocean Organic vodka, a tropical tastes that made me wish I was sitting on the beach in Maui watching the waves roll in. I didn’t even taste the vodka, which means more than one of these could be very dangerous. Looking over the Ocean Vodka website, I’m excited to try some of their featured recipes. You’re up next Thai Berry and Pineapple Express. But, for those looking to count calories, Ocean’s smooth flavor goes well with just club soda and a squeeze of lime.

If you’re ready to give Ocean Organic Vodka a try and highlight it in your home bar, it’s available locally for $29.99 at Total Wine & More.

Ocean Organic Vodka is a proud sponsor and partner of Pacific Whale Foundation
(PWF), supporting the organization’s mission to protect the ocean through science and
advocacy, and to inspire environmental stewardship.

PWF conducts Research, Education and Conservation programs for the communities in which it serves. Ocean gives back to the planet and sea while doing so as a high quality, purpose driven product that truly makes a difference.