St. Philip’s School and Community Center to host Fall Parent University


(DALLAS, TX – October 4, 2022) – St. Philip’s School and Community Center will host Parent University on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, a fun-filled, educational event for parents, students and educators. Workshops presented by Catch Up and Read will focus on strategies and resources for parents to aid in their child’s reading journey. The Dallas Fire Department and The Grant Halliburton Foundation will provide informative and engaging workshops for students PK2 through 7th grade. There will be food trucks, as well as educational and family vendors.

At St. Philip’s School and Community Center we recognize the importance of equipping parents and caregivers with the resources, knowledge, and skills needed for children to be successful in their varying development phases.

Those development phases are the spaces of life: Spiritual, Physical, Academic, Cognitive, Emotional, and Social (S.P.A.C.E.S.) One way we provide these developmental opportunities is through Parent University. We collaborate with families to create and implement strategies for supporting student learning and development at home and school.

Since its establishment in 2005, Parent University has reached over 2,900 adults and 1,300 students. We are glad to be recognized by educational and religious entities as a hub for family engagement, student support, and parenting educational opportunities.

Some of the previous engaging and insightful topics have encompassed single parenting, learning differences including ADHD, cyberspace safety, 21st-century technology education, bullying, standardized assessments, grandparents raising grandchildren, boys to men, girl matters, the impact of a man, summer learning strategies, disciplining, mental health and wellness, and more.

St. Philip’s is a Christian private school in southern Dallas serving over 260 students in grades PK2 through 7th grade (ages 2-13), and a multi-faceted dynamic community center providing a myriad of vital educational, social services, athletic and neighborhood development programs to over 4,000 children, youth, and adults annually. The organization, which has been deemed “the miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue,” has a mission to transform South Dallas, our city, and the world by FAITH, EDUCATION, and SERVICE.

St. Philip’s School and Community Center expanded and will begin accepting applications for 8th grade starting November 1, 2022.