Midlothian Mayor Stands Behind Midlothian Police Department

Midlothian Mayor Richard Reno
Midlothian Mayor Richard Reno

Statement from Midlothian Mayor Richard Reno On Midlothian PD’s Handling Of Commander’s Daughter

Regarding the incident involving a Midlothian police commander’s daughter who was suspected of driving drunk, but was released to the custody of a parent rather than being arrested, I trust that Chief Carl Smith and the Midlothian Police Department have handled the investigation and disciplinary action according to the personnel policies in place. The unfortunate appearance of favoritism is not something that city leaders condone, but I am confident that the progressive-discipline process has been followed for all the personnel involved and that appropriate corrective action has been taken to ensure that anything like this does not happen in the future. Everyone in the community suffers deeply when the actions of our police officers come under fire. I am confident that our police department will survive any such scrutiny and I commend them for being open and honest with the public about the facts of this case.

Full story about the incident involving the traffic stop involving the Midlothian Commander’s daughter can be found here: https://www.focusdailynews.com/midlothian-police-embroiled-in-arrest-controversy/