Midlothian ISD Focuses On Pedestrian Safety

Midlothian ISD pedestrian safety

Midlothian ISD schools resume classes tomorrow and the district is looking to make 2020 even safer for pedestrians. With pedestrian safety in mind, new procedures and ordinances are in place for schools located in Midlothian ISD. Here’s what you need to know to avoid tickets and tardies when dropping or picking up kids from school.

Mt. Peak Elementary Opens New Drop Off Line

Parents/Guardians will now be able to pull into the parking area in the back of campus by the playground. The gates to the back parking lot will open at 7:05. If your student is 2nd- 5th grade, you may PARK to let your student out to the side walk. For safety reasons, we ask that you PARK and not just pull through. You do not have to get out to walk the students to the sidewalk, just park momentarily and pull back out. There will not be adults or safety patrol to assist with opening car doors. If your student needs assistance, please pull around to the regular drop off area.

Students will follow the sidewalk to 2nd grade hallway to enter the building and continue to the gym/cafeteria area until students are released at 7:20 to classes.

Once students have been dropped off, you may pull straight out to 663 without pulling through the normal car drop off line at the cafeteria.

Midlothian ISD pedestrian safety

The City of Midlothian has amended City Ordinance Chapter 12 to help protect pedestrian safety at Longbranch Elementary, T. E. Baxter Elementary, and Walnut Grove Middle School.

Effective immediately, when school zones are in effect, you may no longer drop off or pick up your child at the curb along the following streets:

Midlothian ISD Pedestrian Safety

Longbranch Elementary

Branchwood Drive
Meadow Glen Drive

TE Baxter Drop Off Map

T.E. Baxter Elementary

Park Place Boulevard

Walnut Grove Middle School

Walnut Grove Middle drop off map

Hyde Park Drive
Knightsbridge Lane

Starting Wednesday January 8, 2020, Midlothian Police Department will issue citations to anyone attempting to drop off or pick up their child along those streets. Please direct any questions or concerns to the campus principal.