Mayor Proctor Holds Quarterly 360 Meeting in DeSoto

DeSoto city officials at table
(From Left to Right) DeSoto City Manager Brandon Wright, Mayor Rachel L. Proctor, and Mayor Pro Tem Andre’ Byrd at the Thursday, June 3RD Mayor’s Quarterly 360° Meeting. Photo courtesy of City of DeSoto

First In Person 360 Degree Meeting In DeSoto

On the evening of Thursday, June 3, 2021, Mayor, Rachel L. Proctor held her second Mayor’s Quarterly 360° meeting since taking office and DeSoto’s first in-person 360° meeting since the meeting went virtual on June 4, 2020, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Mayor Rachel Proctor
DeSoto Mayor Rachel L. Proctor conducts her 2nd Mayor’s Quarterly 360° Meeting in office.
Photo courtesy of City of DeSoto

“While these meetings worked well on a virtual basis, returning to an in-person format and meeting with the members of our homeowners’ associations face to face to discuss issues is more of what these meetings are all about,” noted Mayor Proctor. “You get more of a feeling of working together when you’re in the same room addressing the same problems and after a year of relative isolation necessitated by the Pandemic it feels good to get back together in person.”

Addressing The Issues Important To DeSoto Residents

Mayor Proctor was joined by several key DeSoto officials including Mayor Pro-Tem Andre’ Byrd, City Councilmember Nicole Raphiel, City Councilmember Dr. Dinah Marks, City Councilmember Crystal Chism, City Manager Brandon Wright, Deputy City Managers Isom Cameron and Kristoff Bauer, Interim City Secretary Alicia Thomas, DeSoto Parks & Recreation Manager Director Chris Glover, Police Chief Joe Costa, Assistant Fire Chief Bryan Southard, Development Services Managing Director Crystal Owens, Utility Services Managing Director Louis Martinez, and several others who were there to address the issues that came up including litter, road repair, street cleaning, COVID-19 vaccinations, Senior housing, economic development, high weeds, and the best ways to request service assistance.

people in chairs in meeting room
Asking a question at the Mayor’s Quarterly 360° Meeting, Thursday, June 3rd, DeSoto, Texas
Photo courtesy of City of DeSoto

While DeSoto City Government has met with HOA representatives many times over the years, the Mayor’s Quarterly 360° meetings formally began under the tenure of Mayor Carl Sherman as a regularly scheduled meeting to maintain an ongoing dialogue with DeSoto’s HOA’s. Mayor Sherman’s successor, Curtistene S. McCowan, carried on the 360° tradition until her death in late 2020, and then-Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore conducted the December 2020 meeting on her behalf.

people sitting around table
Thursday, June 3RD Mayor’s Quarterly 360° Meeting. Photo courtesy City of DeSoto

The remaining Mayor’s 360° Quarterly meetings for 2021 will be held on September 2nd and December 2nd, at the DeSoto Civic Center’s Bluebonnet Rooms. You can learn more about the issues that were discussed in previous meetings by viewing the archived meeting minutes online.