DeSoto Officials Discuss Hampton Road Corridor Development

pegasus planning and development
DeSoto Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore lays out some strategy for spurring development along the Hampton Road Corridor. Photo by City of DeSoto

The DeSoto City Council, DeSoto Planning & Zoning Board of Directors and DeSoto Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors held a joint meeting at the City of DeSoto Civic Center on Dec. 9. The meeting featured a briefing by the development consulting firm “Pegasus Planning and Development”. They discussed research concerning the future redevelopment of the Hampton Road Corridor.

Pegasus founder Sean Garretson presented participants with examples of the types of improvements that should ideally take place in the future. Improvements would stimulate ideal development along the Hampton Road Corridor and outlying areas. There were many ideas discussed. Topics included improving walkability to boost retail opportunities in the Town Center area. Also, how to establish a more impressive central focal point (than the current City Hall) for the city to gather for festivals and events. Plus, considering new retail or dining developments along Ten Mile Creek to take advantage of this natural waterway.

Curtistene McCowan
DeSoto Mayor Curtistene McCowan meets with the City Council, Planning & Zoning Board and Economic Development Board to plan the Hampton Road Corridor. Photo by City of DeSoto

Officials plan regular meetings to discuss development

“The presentation by Pegasus was intriguing, but the creative visioning team exercises that were conducted on a combined basis by the three government entities clearly demonstrated that we have the ability to work well together, and that is exactly what it will take to move future development forward,” said City of DeSoto Mayor Curtistene S. McCowan. “For this reason, we would like to have all three groups continue to meet regularly to keep our dialogue moving and build on this positive momentum.”

McCowan said she will work with the City Council, Planning & Zoning Committee and the EDC Board through the City Secretary and City Manager’s Office to try to schedule these meetings on a quarterly basis.

Pegasus Planning and Development is an Austin-based economic development and consulting firm. It specializes in identifying the most appropriate, actionable and sustainable solutions to cities’ most pressing development challenges.