Lancaster ISD Students Excel In Engineering Competition

Lancaster ISD STEM competition

Lancaster ISD STEM Competition Results

LANCASTER—Sixteen Lancaster High School students participated and placed in the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME) Math, Science, Engineering competition held at the Tarrant County Community College SE Campus in Fort Worth, TX. These students, along with at least 200 other students from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, engaged in a single-day of STEM-related competitions.

Lancaster High School Engineering Club Sponsor Charles Richardson stated that this is the fifth year that his students have participated in this annual competition.

“It is our goal to continue to prepare the students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century through these events,” he said.

During the competition, the participants took a timed math and science test administered by grade level as well as an Engineering Design Challenge. In addition to testing the student’s knowledge of math and science concepts, the competition promotes teamwork, leadership and academic achievement.

STEM Experience

Lancaster ISD is the first K-12 STEM District in the state of Texas. Each of its six elementary campuses has a STEM designated focus of one of the following: Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Global Arts, Health Science Technology, Information Systems and Software Design. The secondary campuses combine the STEM experiences for the students and allow them to delve into their desired area of focus as they matriculate through their high school years.

Lancaster ISD Executive Director of Academics and Innovation Kyndra Johnson shared the value of the competitive STEM experience for the students.

“Our students’ participation in STEM clubs and competitions, such as the TAME STEM Competition, serve as milestones towards achieving the district’s mission to ignite learning that translates into sustainable success,” she said. “Not only are students engaged in learning and exploring math and science, but they also engage in challenges that require critical thinking, and experience working collaboratively with their peers to solve real-world problems.”

Johnson continued, “By ensuring that all students have the opportunity to explore STEM in and out of the classroom, we build their capacity for postsecondary success.”

STEM Competition Results

The Lancaster High School Engineering and Robotics students made a strong impact in virtually every area of the competition.

Written Math Test – 9th Grade
Ethan Ruiz – 2nd place

Written Math Test – 11th Grade
Jordon Wolfe – 1st place (qualified for state)
Dewitt Hunter – 2nd place
Melvin Hernandez – 4th place
Lloyd Trimble – 5th place
Marco Medina – 6th place

Science Written Test – 9th Grade
Ethan Ruiz – 6th place

Science Written Text – 11th Grade
Melvin Hernandez – 2nd place
Dewitt Hunter – 3rd place
Jordan Wolfe – 4th place
Lloyd Trimble – 5th place
Marco Medina – 6th place

Engineering Design Challenge Judge’s Choice
Ethan Ruiz – 1st place (Team 10) *qualified for state
Victor Ajuobi – 3rd place (Team 17)

Engineering Design Challenge Parachute Apparatus 7000 Design Challenge Operation
Robert Mbelwa – 2nd place

Engineering Design Bullseye Challenge
Jaylan Fletcher – 1st place (Team 14)