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DFW craft beer distance challenge tshirt
Draft of the DFW Craft Beer Challenge t-shirt

Can You Go The Distance? DFW Craft Brewery Distance Challenge

As we mentioned in a recent article, craft breweries in Texas are looking for innovative and creative ways to engage their fans and customers. And now they’ve upped their game a little bit with a “friendly competition.” This isn’t a battle of the brews, but you might call it survival of the fit(test).

DFW craft breweries challenge you to get up and move. Participants can walk, run or bike in what they’re calling a fourth quarter distance challenge! Just register in the DFW Craft Brewery Distance Challenge, choose your favorite DFW brewery, then hit the pavement, gym, or exercise machine and log your miles from September 1- December 31, 2020. Oh, and there’s even a participation t-shirt which includes all of the participating brewery logos on the back.

At the end of the year, miles will be tallied, and one of DFW’s breweries will be crowned as the winner! But wait, there’s more. You’ll also receive a coupon for a 6-pack or 4-pack of beers and sticker from the brewery whose team you registered.

A Fun & Healthy Way To Support Local Businesses

This is a fun and healthy way to be more active while supporting multiple locally owned and operated small businesses. Plus, a fun way to motivate yourself and a group of friends in a friendly competition that benefits you and your favorite DFW craft brewery. If your brewery wins, there will also be a prize which is up to the brewery to decide. Current participating breweries include: Cowtown Brewing, Community Brewery, Four Corners Brewery, Oak Highlands Brewery, Pegasus City Brewery, Peticolas Brewery, Rahr & Sons Brewery, Texas Ale Project and Westlake Brewery.

Oh, and there’s a referrer program so if you refer five friends you’ll earn $15 back. If you register before September 5, registration is $35 + a $3 signup fee. On September 6, the race fee increases to $40 and with each month the fees continue to increase.

If you want to sign up using my link, click here:

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