City of Grand Prairie Hires Inclusion Coordinator  

Gerald Hodges
Grand Prairie Inclusion Coordinator, Gerald Hodges

Gerald Hodges Looks To Take Community Policing To Another Level

GRAND PRAIRIE – If you have never heard of an Inclusion Coordinator look to Grand Prairie.

The city recently hired an Gerald Hodges in the position of Inclusion Coordinator. He will look at ways Grand Prairie can take the role of community policing to another level.

“I am so excited to be in my current position,” said Hodges. “Community policing has brought us great success within the City of Grand Prairie.

Hodges has outlined initiatives that will take the city’s community engagement policing model to another level.

Hodges, a current Grand Prairie Police Officer serving eight years, will be focused on a variety of internal initiatives designed to foster a climate of inclusion within the organization allowing employees to feel valued while also demonstrating these same values while serving the community.

Grand Prairie Initiatives

Initiatives include a shared leadership team where representatives from each city work group voice their input in a safe environment for all employees. This is to ensure their needs are met.

Friendship Day is when city employees are compensated for half a workday to perform community service within the City of Grand Prairie.

Employee training/listening panels to provide training to those who serve the City of Grand Prairie. The purpose is to ensure they are sensitive to one another and support City leaders’ goals in meeting employee needs.

These External initiatives are designed to provide an understanding and develop relationships to address and diffuse pockets of frustration as needed:

The Mayor’s Ride-Out program will be where community leaders ride out with GPPD Officers to see firsthand the work, challenges, successes, and relationships that transpire during an officer’s shift.

Wisdom Wednesday “Their Story, Our History” in which Grand Prairie citizens ages 50+ will be interviewed with the intent of their stories receiving airtime on GPTV and social media. This will be to combat ageism while allowing a rich history to be told through the eyes of those who lived it.

Unify Grand Prairie

Unify Grand Prairie is a three-day program to encourage youth and police officers to bond. Designed to give youth a better understanding of city government, and promote responsible citizenship.

The City of Grand Prairie created this position based on a recent Resolution for Diversity, Inclusion, Justice, and Equality.

The Resolution was passed by City Council in June. It was presented publicly at the Grand Prairie Unity Rally on June 19, 2020.

“I have personally seen how community engagement and inclusion has led to great relationships, relationships that have led to trust and understanding,” Hodges concluded.

“The opportunity to further expand inclusion across the diverse workforce, and communities, is a welcomed challenge.”

For more information, or to partner with any of these programs, please contact the Grand Prairie City Manager’s Office at 972-237-7549.