Glenn Heights Opens New Senior Center

Glenn Heights City Council, staff and mayors from nearby cities cut the ribbon last week for the Glenn Heights new Senior Center.

Glenn Heights Senior Center Open For Business

GLENN HEIGHTS – The red ribbon was cut last week for the City of Glenn Heights new Senior Center.

The facility is the first newly constructed city facility in more than 20 years. It is the first to offer senior programs in the city’s history.

Glenn Heights City Manager David Hall pointed out at the ribbon cutting “This is the first new facility for the city in over 20 years, but the funny thing about this is you look at this and say wow, it has taken 30 years and it has, but we are not done. If you look across the street you see mounds of dirt moving because we have three other facilities that are underway and you will soon see our new city center unveiled.”

The Glenn Heights Senior Center is approximately 3,100 square feet. It includes a large multipurpose room that will be used as a meeting space complemented by a full-service commercial kitchen.

Glenn Heights Mayor Harry Garrett commended Hall on taking the role of unofficial project manager while the Senior Center was being constructed.

“He has overseen this project and I would say that he has been the project manager even though the construction had a project manager. He has still been here day-to-day to make sure things are the way they are. Hall has meticulously planned everything we see so he is to be commended.”

Garrett also pointed out that while this is the first building that has community meeting space in the city of Glenn Heights, it is just the start.

Just the beginning of progress for Glenn Heights

“I was so thrilled to see trunks dumping dirt that I could have danced a jig on the parking lot,” Garrett said. “That represents progress. We often talk, David and myself, how the wheels of city government move very slowly and so we are making tremendous progress. This council that has been assembled that you all have voted into office we do not always agree, but we are respectful of each other’s ideas.”

The Glenn Heights Senior Center’s design includes space for activities such as card games, socializing, meetings, and billiards. A multi-functional craft room can be adapted for sewing, dominos, watercolor arts and general crafts. The large multi-purpose room is served by a full kitchen and has the feel of a grand hall. The room can also be transformed for movies and a variety of other programs.

The Senior Center was created as a place for older adults 55 and older. Its a spot where they can meet and obtain services and enjoy activities that reflect their experience and skills.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

1932 S. Hampton Rd | Glenn Heights, TX 75154

Senior Center Direct Line: (469) 225-5013