Glenn Heights Fire Department Gets New Thermal Imaging Cameras In Masks

Glenn Heights fire truck and firefighters
Photo courtesy Glenn Heights Fire Department

Thermal Imaging Decreases Search Times, Improves Safety

GLENN HEIGHTS – The City of Glenn Heights Fire Department further committed itself to the importance of safety last week by outfitting its fire fighters with new SCBA masks that contain built in thermal cameras.


Issued to all fire fighters, the thermal imaging cameras built into the SCBA masks are the latest technology, which offers important hands-free imaging capabilities as fire fighters enter a burning structure.


“The mask allows every fire fighter to have their own thermal imaging camera that is built in, thus making it easier to use other tools because it is hands-free, and they are not being hampered by having to hold on to a traditional thermal imaging camera.” said Glenn Heights Deputy Fire Chief Nicholas Williams. “This is important because now every firefighter in a building can see the dangerous atmospheres around them and when they are in a search and rescue situation, they can see a victim which cuts down on search time – in the past this has been done by feel.”

Increased Visibility and Communication

The new thermal imaging cameras work alongside voice amps when fire fighters are inside a structure fire and allow for maximum visibility and communication when operating at a scene.

firefighter wearing thermal mask
Photo credit City of Glenn Heights

“This new mask allows our crews to be more efficient when we get inside a structure whether it be finding victims or locating the seat of a fire,” Williams said. “Firefighters can now see the areas they need to attack with a hose line instead of relying on communication from one crew member with a thermal imaging camera, these masks just made our department faster and more effective and it increases our efficiency”


Glenn Heights Public Safety Director Keith Moore said he and his team presented the thermal imaging masks to City Management outlining the benefits the masks offer for both the city’s firefighters and its citizens.

thermal image from sbca camera

“This really is for the citizens,” Moore concluded. “The City Management understood the importance of all firefighters having a thermal imaging camera when entering a structure or hazardous environment versus just one firefighter. We have three to four sets of eyes to looking in a structure for a victim instead of a crew feeling on the ground trying to locate them. I appreciate our city management and our council being behind us and supporting us in providing these masks to every firefighter. This enhances our ability to better serve our citizens.”


About the City of Glenn Heights: The City of Glenn Heights was incorporated in 1969 and is located along IH-35 East. A hospitable, business friendly and rapidly growing community divided between- Dallas and Ellis counties, Glenn Heights has a total area of 7.2 sq. miles.