Glenn Heights Chief Of Police Statement On George Floyd’s Death

Chief Dooley
Glenn Heights Chief of Police

Glenn Heights- Chief of Police, Glenn Heights, Texas, the Chief calls for change and additional training for his Officers.

Message from the Chief of Police

The events of the last week are a clear, strong call for change, and have reminded us that we still need to continue to work to better understand, acknowledge, and appreciate one another.

I have watched the video of the murder of George Floyd. It was horrific in every sense of the word. Not only did my stomach turn but my heart ached. I condemn the actions and inactions of the four Minneapolis Police Officers. Everything about this tragedy is contrary to the beliefs of the Glenn Heights Police Department and how we endeavor to serve OUR community.

Beginning next week, we will initiate a training program entitled “We See You.” This program will require all members of the department to watch the video of the murder of George Floyd in its entirety. During this training we will reemphasize the importance of being mindful of interactions with members of OUR community, and more importantly, the unwavering duty to treat each and every person with dignity, empathy, and respect. Additionally, we will reiterate our responsibility to intervene and report inappropriate and unethical conduct. It is our duty to hold each other accountable at all times.

The Glenn Heights Police Department respects the significant responsibility that has been bestowed upon us to keep the members of OUR community safe. It is not lost on us that we are entrusted with this calling – service to and protection of all.

We value the sanctity of life and know in our hearts that all lives are precious and worthy of protection. We will continue to honor all the lives that have been lost while continuing to do our part to ensure it never happens in OUR community.

V.E. Dooley
Chief of Police
Glenn Heights, Texas