Drought conditions continue to deteriorate as fire danger increases across our area.

FOCUS DAILY FORECAST: Temperatures today will be in the low 100’s as heat advisories continue. There will be somewhat lower wind gusts today and the next few days, but that won’t mean breezy winds won’t still help fires that start spread quickly. Precautions must still be taken. The Saharan dust is still up there, too, and should stick around through at least Saturday/Sunday. Low 100’s continue for the next couple of days.

Temps climb for next week as temperatures climb into the mid 100’s, and it looks like winds in our western counties will increase as well – only increasing that fire danger.

I’m still monitoring the potential for a pattern change late next week…still outside the 7-day forecast, so plenty of time for that to evolve and refine…but I’m keeping an eye on the trend!