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kids wearing face coverings
Kids wear face masks from Rafi Nova

Stylish & Functional Face Masks For Kids & Adults

As Texas experiences an upswing in COVID-19 cases, Governor Abbott has mandated masks be worn in public spaces. And as the Saharan dust storm moves through our state, those of us with asthma or COPD, may want to wear a mask outside. So, we’re taking a look at different masks available, in an effort to show you masks can be comfortable and stylish even in the Texas heat. offers reversible face masks for children and adults made of 100% cotton. We received the blue camo which is camo on one side, solid navy on the other side. The face mask comes in a “pouch” that you can use to carry your mask when not in use, or place inside pouch when washing in machine. The nose piece is great for getting a snug fit and preventing glasses from fogging. The Casupo face mask was one of our favorites-well made, comfortable, has a pocket for removable filter and we love the pouch.

Man wearing navy blue camo face mask
Marlon models the navy camo face mask by Casupo

These masks are great quality and handmade in California. Adult masks start at $25, kids masks $23. Masks are washable and reusable. donates a portion of their profits to FUNDANICA, a non profit organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to a children’s hospital in Venezuela. At the end of June, they’ve donated $3000 to FUNDANICA.

Fase Wear

If you’re looking for unique designs to show your fun side, check out the masks by Fase Wear. We think Fase Wear has some of the most creative and fun designs for kids and adults. They have sunflowers, roses, The Joker, Jason and so much more. Bonus: each mask comes with two filters.

Girl wearing face mask from fase wear
11 year old wearing a childrens face mask from Fase Wear

My 11 year old daughter likes the designs Fase Wear offers and the stretchy material. She found their masks to be comfortable. Straps are adjustable and masks are washable.

Kenny Flowers

Do you live at the beach or love beach wear? Kenny Flowers masks are fun, stylish and pair well with your beach wear. Their masks feature tie straps, making it easy to adjust without the pulling from elastic. Available in a 2 pack matching masks, or a 3 pack variety-either 100% cotton or 100% rayon.

Guy wearing Kenny Flowers facemask
Brian Eastman wearing a Kenny Flowers face mask-see the flamingo?

These masks are soft and comfortable, and don’t hurt your ears, with fun designs. We are in love with the flamingo print! Oh and if you want to be really stylish, buy a matching shirt.

Also, Kenny Flowers gives back, for every mask sold, they donate a mask to someone in need in Bali and 100% of all proceeds to Direct Relief – a non-profit delivering medical-grade masks – along with exam gloves, isolation gowns, and other protective gear to healthcare organizations in the USA.⁣

Proper Cloth

man modeling Proper Cloth face mask
Brian Eastman wearing a face mask from Proper Cloth

The masks from Proper Cloth have a very polished look about them. These masks could be worn to a business meeting or out for a nice dinner. They use a smooth 100% cotton shirting fabric with an anti-microbial finish, the result is a comfortable mask. Also, the mask comes with a removable filter of 3-layers of non-woven polypropylene. The polypropylene meltblown core to provide significantly more protection versus fabric-only masks. (lab test certified to filter out >/= 85% of 0.1 micron-sized particles)

Proper cloth masks are for adults available in small or large for $25. Note: the design has two straps that fit over your head, to prevent the mask from slipping. We found it takes time to adjust to the straps if you are not used to the design. But on the flip side, we found that these stayed on while talking, covered our chin well and didn’t need to be adjusted due to slipping!

man showing profile view of face mask
Side view of double straps of Proper Cloth face mask

For every mask you buy, they donate a mask to local healthcare workers and others on the front lines.

Rafi Nova

Rafi Nova is a small, family owned business that has pivoted to make masks for children and adults. They offer a wide variety of designs for children and adults.

9 year old wearing a teen performance face mask
9 year old wearing Rafi Nova teen performance mask

We like their performance masks which are made with a lighter material for summer. The masks feature 3 layers of materials, including an anti-bacterial layer and a filter (non-removable), a unique adjustment toggle and adjustable nose bridge. They also sell the smile masks, with transparent panel.

I have asthma which is often triggered by extreme heat or cold. Wearing the Rafi Nova performance mask, even in 90+ degree temperatures, I was still able to breathe without issues. Also, the toggles and nose piece prevented my glasses from fogging up. The teen performance masks were my daughter’s favorite.

Two pack of performance masks are $30. *Masks do run small, so order a size up* Rafi Nova also sells ear savers and filters for your mask.

The Tie Bar

Man models face mask from Tie Bar
Marlon wearing a facemask from The Tie Bar. A 5 packs is $30.

The Tie Bar makes masks for the gentleman in your life that wants to be safe and stylish. Their 100% cotton masks come in a 5-pack of designs featuring some of their favorite menswear patterns. Tie Bar masks are washable, have adjustable ear loops, flexible wire at nose and room for a filter. While the designs are made from menswear, many of them can be unisex. The 5-pack of dapper masks is $30. For the price you can have a mask for everyday of the week, and match your outfits.

Note: the companies featured sent Focus Daily News masks to try, so we could share our personal experience with our readers. These are non-medical face masks designed to cover your face to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

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