Ellis County Enacts 90 Day County Wide Burn Ban

Ellis County Burn Ban flyer

Drought Conditions In Ellis County Mean Conditions Favorable For Grass Fire

With an increased concern about conditions being ideal for brush/wildfires, Ellis County officials have passed a 90 day burn ban for the county. The Fire Marshal presented a map showing the drought index for the area, and discussed how grass fires have increased in the county. Commissioner Perry noted that if there are rains that change conditions the order could be rescinded.

The Ellis County Commissioners Court has enacted a county-wide 90-day burn ban, minute order #138.22.

Domestic wastes that normally result from the function of life within a residence (for example, kitchen garbage, untreated lumber, cardboard boxes, packaging, clothing, grass, leaves, and branch trimmings) may be burned in compliance with the following requirements creating a controlled environment and safeguards on each day performed:

(a) such material is wholly enclosed in a single receptacle adequate to completely contain all such flames and/or sparks.
(b) Begin burning no earlier than one hour after sunrise, end it the same day and no later than one hour before sunset.
(c) A responsible party is present while the burn is active.
(d) Area near burn must be cleared of vegetation and/or combustible materials or debris.
(e) Adequate fire suppression equipment in the form of either a properly operating fire extinguisher or water hose attached to a constant supply will suffice for this requirement.

No domestic waste burning is allowed on days designated as Red Flag Warning Days by the National Weather Service. Such things as tires, construction debris, furniture, carpet, electrical wire, and appliances are not considered to be domestic waste and cannot be burned.

For any questions, please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 972-825-5555.