Ellis County COVID-19 Update 11/25, 82 Hospitalized

Ellis County COVid trends

Ellis County Continues To See Increase In COVID-19 Cases

Our job as reporters is to keep the community informed of things impacting their community. In regards to COVID-19, we give you the facts, and you can make decisions based on those facts. With the significant increase in coronavirus cases in Ellis County, we’re doing our best to keep you up to date.

While Dallas County sends media outlets daily press releases, Ellis County only updates their website. And since March there have been discrepancies in the numbers reported by the county vs. what DSHS says, so we often report both numbers.

Today’s Ellis County dashboard shows 505 active COVID-19 cases, and 109 deaths due to COVID-19. Earlier today Ellis County posted this on their Facebook page, “A week ago today the State of Texas reported 219 active cases of COVID-19 in Ellis County with our total hospital occupancy rate reporting at 65.61% with 33.71% being lab confirmed COVID-19. Today, Ellis County is currently reporting 505 active cases with our total hospital occupancy rate reporting at 69.79% with 32.09% being lab confirmed COVID-19.”

With the above in mind, today’s numbers reflect the most patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in Ellis County to date. There are a total of 82 patients currently hospitalized, 13 of those are in ICU and 69 are on a MedSurg unit. The county has a total of 20 ICU beds and 19 are currently occupied, but again, only 13 of those are due to COVID-19.

Active COVID-19 Cases By City

Ellis County shows the breakdown of active cases by city as: Avalon 2; Bardwell 1; Ennis 84; Ferris 20; Forreston 2; Glenn Heights 15; Italy 11; Maypearl 8; Midlothian 121; Milford 5; Ovilla 5; Palmer 6; Red Oak 75; Venus 5; Waxahachie 142; and 3 are unknown. The breakdown of fatalities by city are: Bardwell 1; Ennis 7; Ferris 3; Italy 3; Midlothian 19; Oak Leaf 1; Ovilla 1; Palmer 3; Red Oak 21; Waxahachie 50.

DSHS shows 570 active COVID-19 cases in Ellis County and 108 fatalities.

While officials in Ellis County aren’t emphasizing the need to wear masks, they are asking for residents to be selfless and use common sense.

From Ellis County Facebook page, “This Holiday season, remember our local heroes. It takes all of us to keep our community healthy. While there are no mandates prohibiting any Thanksgiving gatherings, we are asking that you use discretion and sound judgment while being safe and courteous towards others. Please read the following helpful tips released by the Texas Department of State Health Services regarding maintaining a safe Thanksgiving: https://www.dshs.texas.gov/news/releases/2020/20201118.aspx
Together let’s be smart, selfless, aware, and have common sense.”

However, we should point out in Tarrant County, officials sent out a text message earlier today, “This is an urgent message from, Tarrant County Public Health. COVID-19 cases are rapidly increasing in our area. Health officials urge you to stay home, except for essential activities. Always wear a face covering when you leave home. For the upcoming holidays, do not attend gatherings, other than, with your immediate household members. Monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19, or are having symptoms, immediately isolate, and get tested. Sign up for free testing at, https://covidtesting.tarrantcounty.com; or call the Coronavirus hotline 817-248-6299.”

Rockwall President of Texas Health Hospital Urges People To Take COVID Seriously

And over in Rockwall, the President of the Texas Health Hospital is urging people not to attend mass gatherings and to socially distance. Their hospital is out of room and with the DFW metroplex also filling up, they are worried by next week the Metroplex will be out of ICU beds. Furthermore they remind everyone this isn’t just about covid, but as the hospitals run out of room they aren’t able to treat heart attacks, strokes, automobile accidents, etc.

So, stay safe this Thanksgiving. Testing sites are closed tomorrow and Friday for the holiday, but if you need to get a COVID-19 test, visit www.gogettested.com.