DeSoto Unveils Rebranding & New Flag To City Council

DeSoto’s new official flag was unveiled to and approved by the DeSoto City Council during its Tuesday, October 18th meeting. Standing from left to right: Development Services Managing Director Charles Brewer, DeSoto Parks & Recreation Director Chris Glover, and Marketing Coordinator Latoya Fondren. Deputy City Manager Kristoff Bauer (lower left) looks on. Photo courtesy City of DeSoto

On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the City of DeSoto unveiled a new brand identity at its City Council meeting, including a new logo, City Flag, and a tagline that reflects the inclusiveness of its culture and inviting atmosphere for all who live in the city. The City Council voted unanimously to adopt the new City Flag.

The City of DeSoto’s new logo, tagline, and branding reflects the city’s core values and distinct experiences within the destination. The concept focuses on DeSoto’s uniqueness to life and strong impression on locals, visitors, and businesses. The new tagline “So Much to Love” speaks to its brand pillars of diversity, innovation, vitality, community, and a business-friendly environment.

“DeSoto is a city with rich history and a strong sense of community, and we are thrilled to debut this through our new civic branding,” said DeSoto Mayor Rachel L. Proctor. “The City of DeSoto’s new logo and tagline reflect the core values that our residents love about DeSoto – it is authentic, diverse, family-oriented, and has a strong sense of community with endless opportunity for all. Overall, this rebranding brings the City of DeSoto to life like never before and allows us to showcase the inclusiveness of our city.”

The new branding and logo were designed by the Augustine Agency, the City of DeSoto’s advertising agency, to capture the city’s rich culture, diverse community, forward momentum, and unmatchable pride from its current residents. They created the logo and tagline “So Much to Love” as it highlights the diverse array of neighborhoods where family, faith, and community come together. In DeSoto, there is so much diversity, so much natural beauty, so much opportunity and so much to love.

Established in 1949, the City of DeSoto is an inclusive Texas town with a uniqueness to life that strives to promote its brand of inclusiveness, culture, diversity, and authenticity. DeSoto is home to businesses, festivals, arts, sports, and distinct. neighborhoods. When visitors visit the City of DeSoto, they know – there is So Much to Love.