DeSoto Resident Vying for Dallas JP Place 4


LaSonja Flowers-Ivory Running for Justice of the Peace Place 4

DESOTO – DeSoto resident and Duncanville ISD School Board Trustee LaSonja Flowers-Ivory has decided to up her political involvement and is running for Dallas County Justice of the Peace, 4-1.

Running in the Democratic primary in March, Flowers-Ivory said her main goal if she wins is to “establish healthy, respectful and professional relationships with all stakeholders in order to create a culture of belonging.”

She said, she is also hoping to establish policies and procedures that will allow for accurate and efficient services be provided to all constituents.

The DeSoto resident got involved in politics because she felt called to serve and positively contribute to change.

“I have an obligation to continue to seek ways to change the lives of my community and the world,’ she said.

And while she is ready to see change in the community, she said there have certainly been some surprises. Most notably, is the cost of campaigning.

COVID Makes It Difficult to Engage With Community

Challenges she has found so far in running for the JP seat include “While many vocalize pride in living in a democracy, I have encountered those who believe that certain seats “belong” to other individuals,” she said. “Also challenges in creating opportunities to engage with the community due to Covid.”

With politics changing in Dallas County, Flowers-Ivory said she sees herself best fitting in because she has been an educator for more than 25 years.

“Changing politics exists there too,” she adds. “I see myself fitting in with changes by continuing to focus on the big picture, remembering my purpose, not changing just for change sake, never losing sight of my responsibility to serve, being true to my values and being accountable to leadership.”

If Flowers-Ivory does win the Dallas JP seat she says she will “address and correct all the deficiencies that are listed in the incumbents’ audit that is keeping the court from functioning in excellence.  I will collaborate with my peers and continue to develop professionally.”

Serving Citizens of Dallas County With Integrity, Justice, Equality

Overall, in her mind the responsibility of a JP is judicial, “which include, holding justice court, acting as judge of small claims court, holding court for minor misdemeanor offenses, assisting in evidence proceedings, and issuing a variety of process and writs in situations where justice court has jurisdiction. JP’s are required to obtain 80 hours of Continuing Education during their first year in office and 20 hours annually thereafter. By continuing my education and my staff’s education through professional development, we will be able to serve the citizens of Dallas County Precinct 4 with integrity, justice, and equity.

And from a County perspective, Flowers-Ivory concluded “because I will serve six cities within Dallas County, I see Dallas County, developing a strategic plan to address and implement programs and services to effectively manage the resources for Dallas County. My role will be to efficiently and effectively address citizens’ health, safety, and well being, within the constitutional, statutory, and moral boundaries placed on Texas county governments.”