DeSoto Mayor Commends Rapid Response Of Law Enforcement To Timberview Shooting

prayers for timberview poster

Pray For Timberview

The City of DeSoto, Texas stands in solidarity with our neighbors to the West from Arlington and the Mansfield Independent School District concerning the sad and tragic shooting that took place today at Timberview High School.

We are grateful that there has been no loss of life and pray for the well being of those who were wounded, their families, and the growing number of students who today faced the terrifying experience of an active shooting in their place of learning.

We would also like to commend the rapid response of the multiple law enforcement agencies who were on the scene promptly, who turned chaos into order, and who worked so well with the eyewitnesses to identify the shooter and make an arrest in an extremely short amount of time.

We can all speculate about the reasons for the senseless violence that we see taking place in our world with greater frequency, but at the end of the day we can make the most difference by using our influence to help guide those around us. And this starts with our children and those young people who look to us for guidance and support.

Please talk to your children and provide all of the support that you can, but if you don’t have the answers please seek out those who do. It has never been tougher to be a teen and they need all of the love, assistance, and guidance that is out there and available to them

Pray for the students at Timberview High School and for all those in schools throughout our nation that when they go to class their only worries are making the grade and not their personal safety.