DeSoto & Lancaster Celebrate 4th of July At Helen Giddings Amphitheater

DeSoto 4th of July poster

Celebrate 4th of July With Lancaster & DeSoto This Sunday

Lancaster, TX – The City of Lancaster will be hosting this year’s 4th of July Celebration in a joint effort with the City of DeSoto. The 4th of July event will take place on Sunday, July 4th, at the Helen Giddings Amphitheater located inside the 94-acre Community Park at 1700 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Lancaster, TX 75134. This will be the first major in-person event hosted by the City of Lancaster since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The City of Lancaster and the City of DeSoto annually partner together to provide a fun and
safe 4th of July event, rotating locations between the two cities.

Lancaster Mayor Clyde C. Hairston expressed his excitement for the joint celebration ahead of the event, “It is always a pleasure to partner with the City of DeSoto and share in the festivities of such an important day in history. This is yet another example, that we will continue to persevere as a city, state, and country, despite the many obstacles faced. Can you imagine that this time last year, we were in the heart of COVID-19, sheltered in, face masks, and struggling to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus disease? We are blessed to be
here! And, as with the Juneteenth celebration which is now a national holiday, I see this 4th of July celebration as a coming out day, and of course with freedom and staying free, it’s never without a price. So, I encourage all who would participate and celebrate this historical day, to embrace your freedom!”

An Entire Evening of Fun

DeSoto Mayor Proctor said, “The City of DeSoto is honored to once again partner with the City of Lancaster to share a joyous celebration of our Nation’s independence. Given this year’s easing of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the many challenges that America has faced in the quest for social justice, this joint celebration takes on added significance and strengthens our reasons to be hopeful that a more just and righteous future is coming our way,” observed DeSoto Mayor Rachel L. Proctor. “When two All-America Cities come together to celebrate after an extended period of vigilance and caution, you can rest assured that the cheers will be louder, the laughter deeper, and the camaraderie even greater.”

The 4th of July Celebration has an entire evening filled with food, games, vendors, and live music to create memories that will last a lifetime. The “Kids Fun-Zone” should be high on your list to stop by. This designated area will be the place-to-be for all children and families throughout the event. Activities will range from lawn games to bounce houses and even include a live DJ and stage. What better way to celebrate the 4th than Texas style? Pony rides will be available and a live petting zoo will be set up so participants can have the opportunity to learn about animals and experience them close-up.

The live entertainment will certainly keep you on your feet and engaged throughout the entire event. Come experience performances from AD Bonner, Daniel Jones, Britany Holmes, and Soulful Soundz. Also rocking the main stage will be DJ David Mann Jr. Headlining the 4th of July Celebration will be none other than Grammy Award Winning Artist Fred Hammond.

The night will end with an exciting old-fashioned firework show. You will not
want to miss this 4th of July Celebration