DeSoto ISD Responds To Acting Superintendent’s Social Media Posts

Karen Daniel DeSoto ISD
DeSoto ISD Board President Karen Daniel

And the hits keep on coming in DeSoto ISD, between an actual fire at their warehouse that destroyed this years PPE supply to the sudden resignation of Dr. Weaver, today the acting Superintendent is in the news. Yesterday, DeSoto ISD parents discovered and shared racially insensitive posts from Dr. Don Hooper’s Facebook page.

screenshot of facebook posts from Don Hooper

DeSoto ISD Board President Karen Daniel shared this letter today:

When matters of concern arise in our community, we desire to address those concerns as directly as possible.

My colleagues and I on the DeSoto Independent School District Board have been made aware of past social media posts shared to the personal social media account of Acting Superintendent Dr. Don Hooper whose hiring as a consultant was approved by the Board at the recommendation of the district’s former superintendent.

DeSoto ISD prides itself on its diverse school community and does not support, condone or excuse the rhetoric of the reposted content. In addressing the matter, Dr. Hooper has apologized for the content and his decision to share the content.

“The content in question does not reflect my leadership, character nor career,” Dr. Hooper said. “I love all people regardless of the color of their skin,” said Dr. Hooper. “I see people for their souls. I’ve made my mistakes and had errors in judgment from time to time. I am human and not without fault. I ask forgiveness for those I have offended by my decision to share the content and have removed those posts as they do not reflect my beliefs about people. In this season, I do not desire to be another factor in the negativity that has surrounded DeSoto ISD. Instead, I want to emphasize the lesson learned in this moment, and move forward having grown as a person and leader.”

Given our current position as a district, Dr. Hooper was recommended as the district’s leader in this season of change as a result of his track record as a highly-experienced, long-serving educational leader and superintendent who is well-respected in business and educational professional organizations at the state and national level. Dr. Hooper has served diverse school communities like Galena Park ISD and Fort Bend ISD effectively for more than 15 years and has been proactive in creating opportunities for minorities in leadership throughout his career.

Dr. Hooper has apologized to the district and assured the Board that he is committed to leading with sensitivity and integrity and serving the students, staff and taxpayers of DeSoto ISD with fidelity.

Karen Daniel

DeSoto ISD Board President

Based on the comments and reactions, parents are not satisfied with the response from President Daniel.

Reactions to DeSoto ISD and Dr. Hooper

Trustee Aubrey C. Hooper posted on Facebook, “Don Hooper’s views as shared on his personal social media are repulsive and are not reflective of our DeSoto community. This new information is consistent with my feelings on why he should not have been hired as the acting superintendent. However, I lost that vote 4 to 3.”

Trustee Hooper went on to comment under Daniel’s statement on the DeSoto ISD Facebook page, “This is not reflective of my thoughts or opinions and I will be moving swiftly to attempt to convince my colleagues to rid the district of leaders who share such insensitive and abhorrent views.””

David W James III commented on DeSoto ISD’s letter from Board President, “Come on, Karen Daniel. This is becoming laughable. The sentiments he shared and insensitivity to THIS district and THESE students renders him incapable to effectively do the job he has been approved for. He should be relieved of that duty with the quickness.”

Schollie Abrams-Goodman commented, “DeSoto ISD has become the laughing stock of the DFW area right now and it is very disappointing. I have 2 children that have graduated from Desoto and a 3rd still in school in DeSoto. I feel that Dr. Weaver was not given a fair shot at restoring the pride that we once had in DeSoto ISD. you guys that are on the board need to put your own needs and wants on the back burner and make DeSoto ISD your top priority! Please do not fail our children with your own greed and misdeeds!”

Dr. Hooper began working in DeSoto ISD on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, as the district’s interim Chief Financial Officer. On July 27, the board appointed Dr. Don W. Hooper as the district’s board-appointed conservator. Then on August 30, following the resignation of Dr. Weaver, the Board voted to make Dr. Hooper the acting Superintendent.