DeSoto ISD & City Council Hold Joint Meeting

DeSoto ISD Board

DeSoto ISD & City Council Met To Discuss Working Together

DESOTO – A joint meeting of the Board of Trustees of DeSoto ISD and the DeSoto City Council combined the two elected bodies of the city to discuss a variety of citywide issues.

One DeSoto staff member said, “it appeared to be a productive meeting with some very candid discussions.”

Items discussed included the changes of leadership within the City of DeSoto and DeSoto ISD. Additionally, the groups looked at strategic opportunities for the city and school district to work together.

A joint facility use agreement was on the agenda for discussion as were new school resource officers, the nature preserve educational extension and the city’s various youth programs.

DeSoto Mayor Curtistene McCowan said, “The joint meeting between the Board of Trustees of the DeSoto ISD and our City Council was both very productive and informative. We all want to do what is best for our children and discussed identifying the best strategic opportunities to work together so that DeSoto’s students benefit the most. We also intend to work closely with the ISD Board in the future in an effort to improve student outcomes in the district. So, we are very optimistic about this collaboration.”

Education Reforms Impact DeSoto ISD

A discussion looking at the financial impact of recently passed State Legislature Bills was part of the agenda discussion.

Texas State Representative Carl Sherman said, “The overall noted improvements made with HB3 can be, summed up as first, we reformed the broken school finance system by investing $4.5 billion in education reforms, $2 billion in dynamic pay raises for educators, and we are reducing recapture by 47%, funded a $2,000 average 13th check for retired teachers and invested to make the pension actuarially sound. We also devoted $200 million to make schools safer, funded full-day pre-k for low-income students and reduce STAAR testing burdens on students and teachers.”

DeSoto Independent School District Chief of Staff Sonya Cole-Hamilton confirmed, “Our interim CFO Deborah Cabrera did present information on that item during the joint meeting.”

Regarding the upcoming Census in 2020, Hamilton said the ISD will help in whatever way it can.

“I just learned about the census item while at the meeting last week,” she said. “I have committed to learning more about the city’s goal and timeline so that we can be prepared to support in whatever way we can.”

The 2020 United State Census will be the 24th United States Census. The reference day used for the Census will be April 1, 2020.