Daryl J. Eddings Sr. Candidate Running For 6th Congressional District

Daryl Eddings Sr For Congress District 6 Texas
Daryl Eddings Sr For Congress District 6 Texas Photo by Laura Gunn Marketing

6th Congressional District Race Is Crowded, Meet Midlothian Resident Daryl Eddings Sr.

MIDLOTHIAN – Over 20 names will be on the ballot come May 1 for the Special Election to fill the recently vacated seat of the late Congressman Ron Wright (R-Arlington).

Wright’s death made a gaping hole in the 6th Congressional District, which normally leans right.

Eleven Republicans, 10 democrats, one Libertarian and one Independent are vying for this 6th Congressional District seat. The area covered in this seat includes parts of southeast Dallas-Fort Worth as well as Ellis and Navarro counties.

Midlothian resident Daryl J. Eddings Sr., a democrat will be one of the names on the ballot when early voting for the 6th Congressional District seat begins April 19.

Focus Daily News asked Eddings Sr. about his decision to run for the seat in May.

Focus Daily News: What made you decide to run for this seat?

Daryl J. Eddings Sr.: I saw the neglect of average citizens by the previous administration during this pandemic and that elected officials of Texas did not stand up for their own citizens. The neglect of Texas, District 6, became clearer as the COVID-19 pandemic grew across our state and our county. With inequitable healthcare access and a large number of the black and Hispanic communities working in retail and service jobs, we put our most vulnerable population at the highest risk yet again. This was very upsetting to me.

As a veteran, the insurrection on January 6, 2021, was maddening and heartbreaking. The insurrectionists were provoked and encouraged to interrupt the very important and most essential democratic right of the fair and safe transfer of power. Our Senators misled and lied, following the previous administration’s lead, worrying more about their re-election than our rights!

When the winter storm hit in February, 2021, tens of thousands were without power, desperate for heat, water and food. Texas elected officials, those who are supposed to protect us, had let us down again by not ensuring the updates that were suggested 10 years ago were done. NONE were done!

These were the three most motivating aspects of what’s happening in our country that made me determined to run and try to implement change in the way our district is served and the way our citizens are provided for.

Two men talking by backhoe
Daryl Eddings Sr. talks with locals Photo by Laura Gunn Marketing

FDN: Tell me a little about who you are and how you ended up in Midlothian?

DJE: I had a long and distinguished career that started in the US Army, transitioned to the California National Guard, and then to the Department of Justice, with INS and US Marshall services. I was deployed to Panama, Central America, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Middle East, Iraq, Europe, Japan, the Middle East and served in Afghanistan. Because of these deployments and injuries that occurred in battle, I earned a Combat Infantry Badge, Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star with Valor.

On my second deployment as a combat warrior, I returned home as a combat wounded veteran. This was a difficult time as I was severely injured and depressed by my now limited mobility and extreme change in life’s career. I had spent my life in the service and didn’t know what would be next for me. Thanks to the Veterans Administration, my church and my family, I have recovered and am a small business owner of a transportation company.

I have been in Texas for 17 years and Midlothian for seven years with my wife, Nikki. We are proud home owners and active in our local HOA. My children are grown and raising families of their own.


FDN: What changes are you hoping to make if you win this seat?

DJE: I hope to bring attention to the needs of our District. Our district’s infrastructure needs have not been addressed in too many years. We need many improvements to enable us to bring new businesses to the area and to commute to our jobs quickly and easily.

Along with that is the need to have Internet capabilities everywhere. Whether it is for our children and school, business development or emergency services, Internet access is more important than it has ever been. Too many poor or remote areas have limited access to Internet services, meaning those school districts and children fall behind others. We can increase this service quickly by creating public/private partnership, possibly with the US Army Corp of Engineers, while accessing Federal dollars that are available and using local contractors.

Affordable healthcare and actual access to healthcare is greatly needed. This means increasing the number of community clinics and increased public transportation in our area to these clinics.

Minimum wage has not been increased since 2009. It remains at $7.25 an hour. Minimum wage earners are forced to supplement with social services such as free meals at school and subsidized housing. If minimum wage was a living wage, the dollars spent on many social services for families would see a decrease.

A personal passion of mine is our country’s veterans. Our military personnel put their lives on the line for our freedom every day. It is our duty to help them transition to civilian life, address their physical and mental health needs and ensure safe and stable housing is available, as well as appropriate job training.


FDN: What are some of the challenges you believe you will be taking on?

DJE: Changing the way things are done! Putting the people first, not big donors or towing the party line. We must pass a comprehensive universal health care plan; it is a human right, not a privilege. Improving education opportunities for everyone and reducing college debt. And making certain that the small, more rural areas of our district get the same consideration as those areas in the cities.

Two men talking
Daryl Eddings Sr. for 6th Congressional District Photo by Laura Gunn Marketing


FDN: How do you think politics and politicians have changed over the years and how does the way you plan to do things fit into that paradigm?

DJE: Politicians are just that. They are in it for life and a big paycheck, not as a service to their home community, but to serve themselves. That is the major change I have seen in my lifetime. I believe in term limits and will push for them. Where those in Congress used to work across the aisle and prided themselves on their ability to do that, it is not the case today. They will stick with the party line, even when they know it is wrong or an outright lie. I will not do that. My first allegiance as a Congressman is to my district, not myself. I will support my home district, listen to their needs FIRST, and vote my conscience with my constituents at the forefront of every decision.


FDN: There are 23 individuals running for this seat, how do you stand out from your challengers?

DJE: I am a working man, not a politician. I am a retired, military veteran, having served many deployments overseas, so I have a unique perspective on US policy and agenda in foreign countries. And from my life experiences and struggles, I understand what most people in our district struggle with: education, poverty, healthcare. I struggled with all of those, too, and know how each impacts your life. I want to improve all of them for all of us.

You can learn more about this candidate on his website.