Dallas Treasure Quest Challenges Participants With a $5,000 Prize

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Photo credit Treasure Quest

Who Wants To Win $5,000?

Dallas, TX- As a kid, did you ever dig in your yard hoping to discover treasure? You might get lucky and find a buried toy, or maybe a few coins, but what if you could go on a real “treasure hunt” or treasure quest with a chance to win $5,000 cash?

Treasure Quest Adventures, a pioneering recreation and entertain company, is set to launch a series of real-world treasure hunts throughout the region- each with a real cash prize hidden at the end.

“Our goal is to curate entertaining, COVID conscious scavenger hunt style Treasure Quests that send participants on real-world hunts for real cash,” said company founder Ian Lovejoy.

A Challenge With Skill Over Luck

Treasure Quest Adventures uses virtual and real-world clues requiring skill, not luck- with participants competing against one another and the clock. Solving a series of increasingly difficult clues, puzzles and riddles will lead participants through their community and ever closer to thousands in hidden cash. The first participant to find it, keeps it. The inaugural Texas event will have a $5,000 cash prize.

“So far we are organizing 3 Quests throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area with more to follow. We are starting with a $5,000 Quest in Dallas on December 5th then on to Fort Worth and Collin County and plan to expand from there. Our hope is to give the community something positive and fun to focus on- something families can do together that gets folks out of the house safely and encourages them explore their community in a new way,” said Lovejoy.

Each quest has a limit on how many can participate, so tickets are expected to sell out quickly. To learn more, explore the FAQ or to register visit www.FinishTheQuest.com.

About Treasure Quest Adventures (TQA): TQA is a pioneer in professionally curated community treasure quests. Launching in the Mid-Atlantic, TQA is now expanding to markets throughout the United States. Using a mix of virtual and real-world clues, puzzles, riddles and more to entertain as you work your way to a real treasure worth thousands.

Statement on COVID-19: TQA uses a mix of virtual and real-world clues designed with COVID-19 in mind. Any real-world engagements are always in open spaces where social distancing is most feasible.