Cowboy Church of Ellis County ‘Moo-ves’ Hearts with $40K ‘Moo-lah for Life’ Donation to FirstLook

First Look table with people standing behind it

WAXAHACHIE, Texas – March 5, 2024 – In an extraordinary display of community support and creativity, the Cowboy Church of Ellis County delivered an incredible donation of over $42,162.90 to FirstLook Sexual Health and Pregnancy Center on February 23, 2024. The funds, raised through FirstLook’s Baby Bottle Drive, were affectionately dubbed “Moo-lah for Life” by the church and were delivered “cowboy style” in calf feeding bottles on a tractor. A crowd of supporters, donors, and staff witnessed the bright blue tractor towing the impressive cargo of 66 bottles brimming with coins collected by the congregation, which took a week to sort and deposit following the delivery.

For over 20 years, FirstLook has held its Baby Bottle Drive, a fundraiser where church members fill baby bottles with loose change, cash, or checks. These fundraisers generate awareness and support FirstLook’s mission to lead Ellis County to embrace life by promoting best sexual health practices and providing family support in the name of Jesus Christ.

This year, the Cowboy Church’s innovative approach and enthusiastic participation nearly doubled the highest contribution ever received from the campaign, setting a new benchmark for engagement and generosity. The church exceeded its initial $25,000 goal in just the first stage of the campaign with $28,822.97 in paper currency, checks, and credit cards, followed by the tractor delivery of coins totaling $13,339.93. The total is expected to rise as donations continue to pour in.

Upon presenting the substantial donation, Connections Pastor Ray Boyd shared, “Our church has a heart for missions, and we are proud to partner with FirstLook to extend our mission within Ellis County. We hope this marks the beginning of a lasting partnership between our church and FirstLook, reflecting our shared commitment to nurturing and supporting life at every stage.”

blue tractor with carboard check

Donna Young, CEO of FirstLook, was overwhelmed by the gesture and the manner in which the funds were raised and delivered. “I just can’t say enough about what a blessing this is to us,” expressed Young. “We’ve never experienced such an enthusiastic and creative approach to our Baby Bottle Drive. The ‘Moo-lah for Life’ donation significantly bolsters our ability to continue providing vital services to our community free of charge.”

The funds will be instrumental in supporting FirstLook’s array of services, including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STI testing and treatment, counseling, and educational programs, ensuring that the center can meet future challenges and continue its crucial work to lead the community to embrace life.

Young further emphasized the importance of the Baby Bottle Drive, noting, “The bottle drive is the leading way we see churches get involved with our mission. This generous donation from the Cowboy Church of Ellis County will undoubtedly inspire other churches, organizations, and individuals to engage in creative fundraising efforts and further impact the lives of those we serve.”

About FirstLook

Based in Waxahachie, Texas, FirstLook is a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting futures. Since 1995, FirstLook has provided both men and women the tools they need to make informed decisions regarding sexual health and pregnancy. Our services include pregnancy testing, ultrasound, STI testing and treatment, abortion pill reversal, prenatal and parenting classes, counseling, mentoring, doula support, support after abortion, and much more. FirstLook offers access to experienced registered nurses and staff who provide confidential, quality medical care at no cost.

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