City of Ferris Showcases Continuous Improvements at Malcolm Baldrige Quality Texas Foundation Regional Program Conference

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Ferris, TX – City Manager Brooks Williams recently captivated a standing-room-only audience at the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Texas Foundation Regional Program Conference with an inspiring and dynamic presentation on “Continuous Improvement in Ferris.”


Williams’ presentation highlighted the significant transformation the City of Ferris has undergone from 2019 to the present, emphasizing the city’s strategic and operational successes.


Continuous Improvement in Ferris

His presentation, described by attendees as impressive, engaging, and motivating, focused on the comprehensive efforts Ferris has made to enhance public administration and community services. Since the implementation of the city’s first strategic plan in 2019, Ferris has prioritized economic development, public safety, quality of life, fiscal management, and infrastructure.


Key highlights from the presentation included:

Community Engagement: Ferris has become a future-focused organization by actively listening to community members and stakeholders, ensuring their needs and expectations are met.

Professional Development: The city invests in continuous training for its workforce, fostering a culture of excellence and leadership development. Williams emphasized the use of the Baldrige Framework and Lean Six Sigma methodologies in improving organizational processes.

Goal Setting and Accountability: Clear goals and objectives, coupled with a commitment to accountability, have driven Ferris’ success. The strategic plan serves as a roadmap, guiding all city initiatives and ensuring transparency and trust within the community.

Customer Service: By prioritizing customer service and small-scale improvements, Ferris has significantly enhanced the quality of life for its residents. Initiatives like fresh paint and new furniture in public facilities have made a substantial impact.

Knowledge Management: The city has implemented strategies for succession planning and knowledge transfer, ensuring organizational resilience and sustained performance.


Results and Future Plans

Williams also showcased several success stories that illustrate the city’s commitment to continuous improvement. These include the adoption of innovative public health programs, enhanced EMS services, and comprehensive workforce development initiatives. The results speak for themselves, with Ferris becoming a model of effective strategic planning and execution.


Looking forward, Ferris aims to remain data-driven, flexible, and community-focused. The city’s leadership is dedicated to setting and achieving long-term goals, fostering a culture of accountability, and continuously seeking opportunities for growth and improvement.


The presentation concluded with a powerful message: “Continuous improvement is not a destination but a journey. Ferris is committed to leaving things better than we found them and setting the standard for high-performing, responsive government.”


For more information about Ferris’s growth and development initiatives, please visit


About the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Texas Foundation: The Malcolm Baldrige Quality Texas Foundation is dedicated to improving the performance of organizations across Texas through the Baldrige Excellence Framework. The Foundation provides education, training, and resources to help organizations achieve excellence and enhance their competitiveness.

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