CHISD Offers Virtual Counseling & Healthy Longhorn Page

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The site provides information and resources for mental and emotional health. There are links to emergency phone numbers, tips to help parents explain the current crisis to their scholars and even a relaxation page with breathing exercises you can do with your family. We strongly encourage you to visit the page.

Also launching today is the Healthy Longhorn page. When the community visits, they will find the menu for grab and go meals, healthy eating tips and fun activities to keep you and your family active during the Shelter in Place order.

Today, members of our Physical Education staff are kicking off Workout Wednesday by handing out hopscotch activity packets at our four grab and go meal locations. I want to thank Shelly Williamson, PE Teacher from Plummer Elementary School for this innovative and fun idea.

Starting today, and every Wednesday after, the Special Education Department will go into the community in the safest manner and check on our SKILL scholars. They will drive by scholars’ homes, say hello, wave and tell them that the teachers miss them. So families, be on the lookout for the Cedar Hill ISD vans in your neighborhood today.

The Cedar Hill ISD Education Foundation (CHEF) is the non-profit organization dedicated to supporting our scholars and staff. CHEF has set up an emergency account to raise funds for staff and scholars who are financially affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  All of the funds go directly to scholars and families in need.

A big thank you goes out to our entire CHISD maintenance and operations team! Prior to the Shelter in Place order, our staff stayed busy taking advantage of the time off by making important renovations to our buildings. Below are just a few of the projects they were able to complete:

  • Ninth Grade Center – repaired walls and painted classrooms in the D Hall, and cleared several classrooms and storage areas to prepare for the Made for More transition.
  • Cedar Hill HS – replaced stair tread in the 400/700 hallway.
  • Bray Elementary – painted and installed carpet in several areas.
  • Essential work continues at Plummer Elementary and Permenter Middle School.