Cedar Hill Downtown Looks To Revitalize With New Development

Map of Cedar Hill Lake Moreno project
Credit Lake Moreno Properties

CEDAR HILL – Expansion is progress.

And in Cedar Hill, they are looking toward an ever-changing landscape in the downtown area to further enhance that progress.

Henry Florsheim, Director of Economic Development for the City of Cedar Hill said, “To have a truly great city, you have to have a great downtown, and the Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation understands this.”

It was years ago the organization purchased the old Phillips lumber yard and hardware store at the corner of Belt Line and Broad. That parcel included 102, 104, 106, and 110 S. Broad Street. Cedar Hill’s EDC then signed over ownership of the properties to Lake Moreno Partners in exchange for the redevelopment of the properties.

Florsheim explained it was following a search for a master developer and months of conversations before the City signed the contract with Lake Moreno Partners in June 2018.

“Covid and instability in the construction industry delayed the project until last fall when renovations officially began,” he said. “The city was looking for a developer to revitalize the area, and Amanda and Jim were looking for a new project. We quickly learned that our joint vision was one that would benefit the entire community. Lake Moreno Partners have proven themselves time and again with redevelopment projects like the Bishop Arts District; it’s an honor to partner with them to improve our community. They liked what they saw in Cedar Hill and wanted to be part of it.”

Fast forward to 2023 and Lake Moreno Partners are continuing construction on the site. Florsheim said the EDC is in regular communication with them about the work and about leasing efforts which will begin soon.

And while the project is not currently named, Lake Moreno Partners are developing the entire block, which will include retail, office, and restaurant space along with live/workspace with 14 tiny homes.

“This project is part of a bigger downtown revitalization effort that includes the City’s Complete Streets program,” Florsheim further explained. “Phase one of Complete Streets was just completed, which saw portions of Broad and Cedar Street completely rebuilt with new infrastructure to be more pedestrian-friendly and conducive to developing a vibrant, walkable district. Eventually, the entire downtown area will be redeveloped as part of the Complete Streets program.”

Cedar Hill’s EDC will also be helping the developers with the leasing of the properties when the time comes. Moreno has stated they are confident the properties will be completely leased before the project is complete, which is estimated to be in December 2023.