BREAKING: DCHHS Reports Ill Fox In Grand Prairie

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DALLAS (April 27, 2022) – On April 14, 2022 an ill fox was located near the corner of S. Carrier Pkwy, and E. Sandra Ln., in Grand Prairie, Texas. The fox was picked up by animal control and was submitted for rabies testing. The rabies test results were inconclusive, and therefore the rabies virus cannot be ruled out as a cause of death. It is possible the fox died from some other cause.

Anyone that may have been bitten or scratched by this ill fox, or any other wild animal, should contact their physician immediately. Animal contact, such as bites or scratches, may lead to exposure to rabies.

Infected animals can transmit the rabies virus prior to the onset of symptoms. Simply seeing the fox is not considered an exposure.

Anyone who believes their pet was exposed to the ill fox should contact their veterinarian immediately.

Vaccination of all cats and dogs is required by state law and is the first line of defense against human infection. We urge every cat and dog owner to have all of their animals vaccinated and to keep vaccinations up to date. Please contact your veterinarian for more information on rabies vaccination.

For more information and to report possible exposure to rabies visit or call 214-819-2004.