Best Bottles To Gift Whiskey Lovers

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Photo Credit Abasolo Ancestral Corn Whisky

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Bottles For Whiskey Lovers

Is there a whiskey lover on your holiday shopping list this year? As a fan of whiskey myself, I love trying new whiskey, especially unique ones. In the past I might go to the local liquor store and browse the aisles looking for a new whiskey to try, but this year, I’m doing my ‘searching’ online. Here are some that were recommended to us classified by the type of whiskey drinker on your list:

For The Novice: Laws Whiskey House

Established in 2011, Laws Whiskey House is purpose driven, independent Colorado distillery producing the highest quality whiskey using locally sourced ingredients. Using the traditional method of open-air, on grain fermentation, Laws’ robust portfolio of expressions is great for those looking to further their appreciation for whiskey or how the terroir affects the flavors of different whiskies.

Laws whiskey house bourbon
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The flagship Four Grain Bourbon acts as a great introduction to the heirloom grains used in Laws’ products, including corn and heirloom wheat, rye and malted barley. From there, drinkers can dive deeper into each grain with the San Luis Valley Straight Rye and limited releases like the Centennial Straight Wheat Whiskey and Henry Road Straight Malt Whiskey. The Four Grain Bourbon and San Luis Valley Straight Rye are also available in bonded and cask strength versions.

For The Explorer: Abasolo Ancestral Corn Whisky

Abasolo Ancestral Corn Whisky is the first-ever 100% Mexican corn whisky created by Casa Lumbre, a distinguished producer known for its farm-to-bottle Mexican spirits like Ancho Reyes and Montelobos. Distilled from the finest, non-GMO Cacahuazintle (kaka • wha • SINT • lay) corn cultivated over generations by local farmers, Abasolo uses a 4,000-year-old technique called nixtamalization in which the corn is soaked and cooked in a lime bath, washed and then hulled to uncover the deepest notes of the ancestral ingredient. An homage to Mexico and its heirloom grain, Abasolo is the perfect gift for whisky aficionados looking to discover something new and exciting.

For The Blend Aficionado: BLACKENED American Whiskey

BLACKENED, the masterful collaboration by rock legend Metallica and late Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, is a blend of the finest North American bourbons and ryes that have been individually aged for 8+ years. BLACKENED, the name of which comes from the band’s seminal “…And Justice For All” album wasn’t just inspired by the band’s legendary music – it’s literally shaped by it.

Blackened whiskey bottle
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The whiskies are married in black brandy casks, then pummeled to the low hertz frequencies of Metallica’s music through a process called BLACK NOISE. Using a specially designed subwoofer, Metallica band members create playlists to sonically-enhance the product during its final finishing stage. The low-hertz sound waves of the music disrupt the liquid inside the barrel, increasing the interaction between the whiskey and the wood and extracting more flavors from the barrel.

For the Irish Whiskey Aficionado: Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey

Famously smooth and flavorful, Knappogue Castle Single Malt is made with pure Irish spring water and malted barley. Famous for producing exceptionally smooth whiskey, malted barley is then dried in ovens without the use of peat.

Knappogue Castle whisky bottle
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Knappogue Castle 12 Year Single Malt Irish Whiskey $42: Knappogue Castle 12-year-old, the brand’s signature expression, is an exceptional single malt made exclusively from malted barley. Triple distilled one batch at a time in traditional, onion-shaped copper pot stills, the whiskey is then aged in bourbon oak casks for twelve years. The delicate distillation process, along with the moist and temperate climate, yields the distinctive flavor of this remarkable Irish single malt.

Knappogue Castle 14 Year Single Malt Irish Whiskey $59.99: Knappogue Castle 14 year old is the result of a marriage of 14-year-old single malts aged in two types of wood: bourbon barrels and Oloroso sherry casks. It is non-chill filtered and bottled at 92 proof in limited quantities.

Knappogue Castle 16 Year Single Malt Irish Whiskey $100: Knappogue Castle 16 year old is aged for a minimum of 14 years in bourbon barrels, then finished in Oloroso sherry casks to complete a minimum of 16 years. This adds nutty and complex sherry notes.

For The Rye Lover: Cooper Spirits Co.

Cooper Spirits Co. was established in 2006 by third-generation distiller Robert J. Cooper, creator of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur. Since then, the company has produced a portfolio of artisanal products perfect for rye whiskey lovers, including Hochstadter’s Low & Low made with 13-year straight rye whiskey, navel oranges, raw honey, angostura bitters, and a small dose of rock candy bottled at 84 proof; Hochstadter’s Vatted Straight Rye Whiskey, a complex blend of straight rye whiskeys aged 4-15 years curated from distilleries across America; and Lock, Stock & Barrel, which is distilled from a rare mash bill of 100 percent rye grain in copper pot stills with a “robust cut” selected by master distillers, unfiltered, then aged in cold weather for 16 years in newly charred American oak barrel.