At Long Last, H-E-B Is Coming To Mansfield

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Mansfield Residents Say “I’ll believe it when I see it”

I read the following announcement, and reminded myself this is August, not April “H-E-B is excited to announce plans to open an H-E-B store in Mansfield, continuing its expansion in the DFW Metroplex.”

Sure, I am being funny, but I am dead serious when I say how thrilled I am that H-E-B has given the official green light for the Mansfield store, expected early next year. The new H-E-B will be located at the corner of U.S. 287 and Broad Street on property the company purchased back in 2016. Fingers crossed it’s large enough to meet the demand of the growing area.

I don’t know if it’s the amazing produce, the H-E-B line of products, their spirit of giving back or if there’s some magic fairy dust but there’s something special about H-E-B stores. There must be, since I often drive miles out of my way to shop there instead of driving 2 minutes to the closest competitor.

Mansfield residents responded on social media with excitement and some disbelief. While most are excited about the news, others have been watching the vacant property for six years now waiting and watching as other cities have landed H-E-B sooner.


“We are excited to officially announce that H-E-B is coming to Mansfield,” said Juan-Carlos Rück, H-E-B Executive Vice President. “We look forward to providing this dynamic and growing city with the best H-E-B has to offer.”

The Mansfield store will be located at the corner of US 287 and Broad Street. It will become the first H-E-B store format in Tarrant County, joining Central Market in Fort Worth. H-E-B owns roughly 28 acres at the site.

The store builds on the company’s longstanding presence in the area and reinforces its commitment to serve more customers in this dynamic and growing part of Texas. Additional details will be shared at the store’s groundbreaking, which is expected early next year.

In February the Mansfield Mayor organized a special public meeting with members of H-E-B to show them how much demand there was in the community. “For years our residents have asked for an H-E-B, and on behalf of the City Council, we are proud to welcome this economic driver and much desired business to Mansfield,” Mayor Michael Evans said. “With our growing economy and invested community, Mansfield is the perfect home for the first H-E-B location in southeast Tarrant County and we are excited about the continued economic growth coming to our city and the entire southeast Tarrant County region.”

“H-E-B is well known for being an excellent corporate citizen and we look forward to them becoming a valuable part of our community,” said City Manager Joe Smolinski.

Proudly serving communities across the state since 1905, H-E-B is committed to the DFW area for the long term and hopes to serve even more of the Metroplex in the future.

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