Cloudy conditions today will be followed by a week of active weather, which should bring the kind of widespread rain we are used to for October.

Clouds will keep us a bit cooler today than forecast with highs in the mid-upper 80’s. Overnight lows will remain warm, however, as clouds act as a blanket that will hold in some daytime heating. Tomorrow we’ll see a few showers/storms in our area as gulf moisture moves in, and clouds will hold us in the low 80’s for highs but again keep us mild overnight with lows around 70°.

Tuesday we should see at least a little bit of sun, but the remnants of Hurricane Norma will keep us mostly cloudy. Storms should mostly stay west, but we could see one or two in our area.

Wednesday a storm system from out west passes by and will bring a decent chance for rain for our area. I don’t have very specific timing right now, and it looks like this could be an event that takes up most of the daytime and overnight hours. It may well end up as an off/on event. Storms should exit Thursday morning, but we should stay cooler in the low 80’s.

Friday and Saturday look a little cooler with highs in the mid-upper 70’s, though the coolest air will stay to our north. I’m still watching for our next system to arrive around Halloween, and if it holds the way models are suggesting, it could bring the coolest air we’ve had yet this season along with more rain. Still plenty of time for that to change (like the steep cold front initially expected for this weekend that now will stay north of us), so stay tuned!