World Food Championships Moves to Fair Park

World Food Championships moves to Fair Park
2020 Final Table Indy Dish by MMA Creatives

Fair Park has landed another huge foodie event this fall, as the World Food Championships (WFC) recently announced moving to Dallas for a Texas-sized competition Nov. 5-9. Tickets to the highly anticipated food sport event, featuring over 20 tasting experiences, start at $15.

From “Grilling Grannies” to exclusive, award-winning VIP tastings, WFC’s five-day competitions and Flavor Fest offers a series of foodie attractions. More than 1,500 cooks — from celebrity chefs to pro teams to home cooks — enter into a major “food fight” that rewards the winners with a $300,000 prize purse.

World Food Championships moves to Fair Park
2020 Final Table Indy Dish by MMA Creatives

“As Texas and the world open back up, it’s exciting to know that we’ll be able to put our additional planning and strategies in play for the most robust and fun-filled food fest we’ve ever produced,” said Mike McCloud, President and CEO of WFC. “Plus, even though we’re still five months out from the actual dates, we have already seen an enormous amount of momentum on the competition side with more than 40 states represented in our team count and almost all of our judging positions already filled.”

WFC Flavor Fest

The official WFC 2021 Flavor Fest line-up features some “oldies but goodies” along with exciting new events. Dallas foodies should be aware, we only have a short break from over-indulging on funnel cakes, candy apples, Corny Dogs, and exotic fried foods at the State Fair before another renowned food event lands here, so let’s try to pace ourselves.

BBQ Ranch––Back by popular demand, WFC and its barbecue partners serve free “fixins” for Texas-sized appetites. Pitmasters and celebrity chefs fire up thousands of pounds of barbecue for one of the most unique block party BBQ bashes in WFC history.

Beat the Beefer–– The inventors of the original Beefer are back, offering its Steak competitors the chance to win extra cash using their German-based, top-down searing machine that generates a stunning 1,500 degrees of Fahrenheit heat within seconds.

Biscuits & Jampionships

WFC partners once again with Dallas-based jam and jelly company, The Jelly Queens. for the “Biscuits and Jampionships” ancillary chef competition. Ten finalists, determined through an online recipe contest months prior, recreate their recipe submissions in person at WFC for an esteemed panel of judges. This delicious and quirky contest is always full of fun surprises from the Jelly Queen, Donna Collins.

World Food Championships moves to Fair Park
2020 Final Table Indy Dish by MMA Creatives

Bourb’N’Que –– What do you get when you mix premium bourbon tastings with delicious ribs prepared by the best pitmasters in America? The best barbecue block party, and People’s Choice voting, Dallas has ever seen. It’s a WFC must-attend event for all foodies who love BBQ and Bourbon.

Brunch Bar––The Ultimate Food Fest takes on brunch with a new foodie experience. Attendees can sip mimosas at the Bubble Bar, grab coffee from the Cattle Dog Coffee Corner, try savory drinks at the Bloody Mary Bar, and more.

Champion’s Table––Feast on exclusive tastings from WFC’s previous champions as your sweet and savory guide. Taste $100,000 worth of award-winning dishes, perfectly paired with cocktails to enhance your experience. This luxury tasting event takes place next to the heat of WFC’s live-action culinary competition in Kitchen Arena, and is available only to VIP patrons.

E.A.T. Food Judges

E.A.T.™ Food Judge Class –– An interactive event where you’ll be trained by a WFC associate or professional chef on the E.A.T.™ methodology. WFC’s scoring system enables judges to rank any dish based on three key criteria: Execution, Appearance and Taste. Only foodies who are E.A.T.certified are eligible to judge at WFC’s Main Event. All judges receive free WFC General Admission access throughout the five-day event.

Fire Woman––Four award-winning female pitmasters take on a 90-minute challenge with no help. Join to see who rises from the smoke to take home the Fire Woman title and cash prize.

World Food Championships moves to Fair Park
2020 Final Table Indy Dish by MMA Creatives

Hall of Taste––This is a new area to Food Sport, where WFC attendees have the opportunity to sample a variety of complimentary food-related products as they enter the gateway to Kitchen Arena. From exclusive Texas bites to hidden gems throughout America and the World, this area will warm up everyone’s palettes as the perfect prep for the sights, sounds and smells of WFC.

VIP Lounge––The VIP Lounge offers a separate entrance to the main event, a private cash bar, TV screens to keep up to date on all of the action, complimentary chef demos and sampling, plus featured cocktails and refreshments.

World Food Championships

The World Food Championships (WFC), the highest stakes food competition in the world, is a multi-day, live event culinary competition. It showcases some of the world’s best cooks who compete for food, fame and fortune in 10 categories. The categories: Bacon, Barbecue, Burger, Chef, Dessert, Recipe, Sandwich, Seafood, Soup and Steak. In 2019, more than 450 culinary teams from 11 countries and 42 American states competed in WFC’s Main Event. In August, the 10 Category Champs went head-to-head for a $100,000 bonus that determined a new World Food Champion in a TV special called The Final Table: Indianapolis. Contestants have to earn their way into WFC by winning a Golden Ticket at a previous competition.

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