Volkswagen Mobilizes Loaner Fleets To Help Community

Community-Driven atlas
Photo courtesy of Volkswagen

VW Community-Driven Atlas Offers Communities Help

Herndon, VA — As we continue to face unique challenges, stay home orders, etc. automakers continue to innovate with ways to help the community. Kudos to Volkswagen for stepping up and supporting their network of dealers who wish to put their service loaner fleet to use for free pickup and delivery of needed supplies and food.

As local delivery services normally relied upon are either shuttered or repurposed for essential needs due to COVID-19, Volkswagen dealerships have been looking for ways to still make an impact in their communities and answer calls to serve local needs the best way they know how.

A “Dealer Response Team” will consist of a dealership employee as a driver and a vehicle. The team can be called upon for tasks such as delivering food to a local food bank, transporting masks and gowns to an area of critical need, or even dropping off necessary items to someone unable to leave their home – all at no cost to the group or person making the request. Only dealership employees will be permitted to drive the vehicles. Volkswagen corporate will offer dealers a daily stipend per vehicle to cover fuel and lease costs. All transport requests are subject to dealership approval and availability.

“Since this pandemic began, our dealers have been quick to react to support those in need within their local communities,” said Saad Chehab, Volkswagen Senior Vice President of Marketing. “Some dealers already decided to “drive bigger” and start their own pickup and delivery service programs. Today, we are announcing our brand’s financial contribution to those efforts across the entire dealer network and giving them the support to do even more. So if you happen to see a Volkswagen Atlas driving by marked with “Community Driven” on its side, know it’s driving for a great cause.”

Nationwide, Volkswagen’s network of more than 600 dealers maintain a loaner fleet of nearly 7,000 vehicles, though some dealerships may be closed or working with reduced personnel due to state and local guidelines. All dealers are advised to adhere to local, state and federal health directions and recommendations to ensure the safety of their employees and program participants.

Those looking to enlist the services of the Community-Driven Atlas initiative should contact their local dealer to inquire about availability and assistance.

Also, last week Volkswagen of America and fabrics supplier Faurecia announced a collaborative effort to manufacture Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items. They shipped the first batch to New York City’s Javits Center and other area hospitals. Working with Volkswagen strategy and logistics, Faurecia was able to quickly convert one of its factories to begin producing tens of thousands of surgical masks and gowns