Texas Blossoms Announces Back In Bloom Fundraising Gala

Blossoming Tree

As springtime rolls around and flowers begin to bloom, Texas Blossoms is celebrating the season with its 2023 Back In Bloom Gala. The event will be held Saturday, April 15 at 6:00 pm at the Nick and Lou Martin University Center at Texas Wesleyan University.

All proceeds benefit Texas Blossoms, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit which plants and nurtures blossoming trees across the state. Gala attendees and sponsors provide critical funding for Texas Blossoms’ expanding operations. The Back In Bloom Gala is proudly presented by EarthX.

Texas Blossoms primarily plants trees in community spaces and underserved areas. The nonprofit frequently collaborates with local organizations such as libraries and schools.

“Texas Blossoms helps beautify Fort Worth by bringing green and flowering trees to the city,” said Manya Shorr, director of the Fort Worth Public Library. “I am honored to partner with Texas Blossoms to bring this beauty to our library locations and I am appreciative of the hard work of the volunteers and community donations towards this effort. I am looking forward to the day when all libraries have trees.”

It costs nearly $100 to purchase a tree, but the costs don’t end there. “We remain committed to nurturing our trees well after they’re in the ground,” said Angela Goodwin, board president of Texas Blossoms. “We’ve already planted nearly 1,600 trees and we water every one of them regularly. Depending on the temperature outside, this is done about every one-to-two weeks. In the summer we sometimes need to do so every five days. It costs about $750 to water all our trees per watering route, so you can see how these costs add up quickly. We couldn’t protect our trees and serve the community like we do without the support of our generous donors.”

The Texas Blossoms 2023 Back In Bloom Gala is open to all community members. All event revenue will support the planting and watering of blossoming trees across local communities.

Ticket Purchases: General admission tickets are $50 with the option to make an additional donation.

Complimentary valet service will be provided for every guest. Tickets may be purchased by visiting texasblossoms.org/annual-gala.

To become a gala sponsor, please visit texasblossoms.org/gala-sponsorships or contact Angela Goodwin at 817-913-0502 or AngelaTexasBlossoms@gmail.com.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas Blossoms raises funds, organizes volunteers, and coordinates with local community members to plant and maintain beautiful blossoming trees throughout Texas.

The organization’s mission is to plant blossoming trees to foster community, increase local economic development, create spaces for pollinators to thrive, and decrease the prevalence of “heat islands” in underserved areas. To date, Texas Blossoms has planted over 1,600 trees by mobilizing corporate sponsors and hundreds of community volunteers.
Texas Blossoms primarily plants trees in parks, around schools and public libraries, and along roadways in underserved communities.