Te’jun The Texas Cajun Brings Cajun Cuisine To Red Oak

Joe and Tammy Reid
Joe and Tammy Reid are set to open a second Te’jun the Texas Cajun restaurant, Photo by Lydia Baldwin

Seafood/Cajun Cuisine Coming To Red Oak Via Te’jun The Texas Cajun

Joe Reid is proof you can have it both ways – Texan and Cajun.

And he’s got the restaurant – soon to be two restaurants – to prove it.

Reid is the owner of Te’jun the Texas Cajun in Robinson, just outside Waco. Soon, there will be another of the same in Red Oak. The new restaurant is set to open in late summer or early fall.

Reid was born in Houston, but he grew-up in a small town in Central-East Texas called Teague. His mother’s family is from the Bolivar Peninsula area of coast. He spent lots of time visiting his grandfather, uncle and cousins at Crystal Beach.

His uncle owned a shrimp boat and his grandfather owned a marina. Reid is an avid fisherman, both at coastal and at local lakes. His family influence as well as his love for fishing influenced his ultimate interest in seafood/Cajun cuisine.

Construction Update On Red Oak Location

The Te’Jun name is combination of Texas and Cajun.

“We make Cajun food but with a Texas touch/twist,” he said. “Crawfish was our first menu item, along with corn and potatoes. We pride ourselves in having fresh, high quality seafood products. We try to provide it conveniently and at a good price point.

“Generally, our combination plates tend to be the most popular. People generally have a couple of favorites, so it allows them to have more than one item.”

Reid was a short-order cook at a truck stop in Dew when he was 13. He worked the night shift Friday and Saturday. He believes God was preparing him for a restaurant later. It created a desire to feed people, and do it well.

Te’Jun started as a food trailer in 1997 and remained that way for 20 years. His first restaurant ownership experience came with the opening of Robinson in 2017.

The food trailer merged a passion for seafood with Joe’s family’s need for additional income. Te’Jun was originally only weekends for part of the year. Extra money was needed to help ends meet and to help build college fund for daughters.

More Than A Meal, An Experience

But when you have a hit on your hands, you have to satisfy the public demand. And that’s what he did – and continues to do.

“We have a very loyal following. We are frequently asked to expand into additional markets,” Reid said. “We try to make a visit to Te’Jun an experience beyond just a meal. We feel that vision has translated and people come for that experience.”

Along with the upcoming Red Oak location, Reid said they are potentially going to open another restaurant in Fairfield. After all, when you’ve got a dream, you should share it with as many people as possible, Reid believes.

“Te’Jun is a Christ-centered business,” he said. “Te’Jun is very much a picture of the ‘American Dream.’”


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