Storytime Makes a Difference For CHISD Elementary Scholars

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CEDAR HILL, TX – Seeing and hearing a familiar face during a challenging time can make a
big difference for young scholars.

That is why Cedar Hill ISD Principals William Davis (Waterford Oaks Elementary) and Marquita McCullum (Lake Ridge Elementary) started Storytime videos for their respective campuses during weekday evenings.

“We started the Storytime reading program after speaking with other elementary principals
about connecting with our scholars,” Davis said. “During this difficult time, it’s a way for the
school community to continue to support our parents and scholars.”

Teachers, and sometimes, administrators, take turns recording themselves reading a book, and they send it out to families, via email.

“(More than) 25 faculty members have read so far,” McCullum said. “One parent has read and we have featured two scholars. Parents and scholars are able to send in videos if they’d like to read.”

Parents have appreciated their campus leaders’ commitment to literacy during this time.
“I think it’s a great idea,” Waterford Oaks parent Detria Gray said. “The teachers read the books on the video, showing the pictures and things of that nature. My daughter enjoys hearing the different books.”

Said Lake Ridge Parent Raquelia Rea, “ Our son (who’s a Pre-K scholar) and his little sister
absolutely love the evening storytime. They look forward to it every night. It’s a wonderful way to keep him engaged. It’s a great way to think outside the box.”